Phineas and ferb Candace Flynn concept

“It’s busting time”
Candace flynn wants to bust her enemies with her phone her brother’s inventions and her relentlessness
Stars 1
Role control position back trial team red

Basic attack see skill 1

Entrance Candace flynn walks while texting then texts a raspberry emoji to the enemies
Victory Candace smiles
Defeat Candace drops her phone which breaks

White skill is called treehouse fight passive instead of a basic attack Candice texts all enemies applying a random debuff and removing 2 stacks of hardy active Candace goes into her battle treehouse and does a punch to all enemies dealing x true damage

Green skill tantrum yell Candace yells loudly silencing all enemies for 9 seconds
The silence has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Blue skill is called busting time
Candace flynn calls her mom but she drives her car into the enemies dealing x fantastic damage they disappear for 6 seconds when mom comes out she stays that nothing is there when the enemies return after mom leaves they are stunned and they have no armor
The armor has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Purple skill is called expert texter Candace flyn instead removes 4 stacks of hardy and applies 3 random debuffs and deals x normal damage

Red skill is called the whole universe is against me when Candace flynn crits an enemy she gains 5% attack speed per enemy crit this has a maximum of 500% attack speed increase when Candace activated her white skill she loses the all of the da,age speed increase but keeps halve of the speed increase that does not count as the speed increase

The attack speed increase has a chance to fail against enemies she crits that are above level x

Friendship with shego
Candace flynn insults shego’s choice of clothing that was a bad idea

Disk is plasmawear
If Candace flynn receives more than 6 stacks of fatigue remove those fatigue.

Friendship with hamm
Candace flynn does not know how to pronounce hamm’s name so here is an extremely long lesson on how to pronounce hamm’s name

Disk is called a lesson in pronunciations
Tantrum yell now scares enemies

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Sigh… :expressionless:


Seriously, dude? That’s the fourth one today! You need to listen to us - you gotta slow down with the concepts… They are coming out too quickly, and they are very sloppily made. It’s been about an hour or two since your last one,

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Please stop insulting my endless creativity my mind is a. Creative place if you do not accept my creativity just please concepts and tips on how I can improve on this concept even if there are no room for more improvements

You mean fourth one today

Since when did any of us insult you about this? We are trying to redirect you to try and take your time. Concepts usually take 2-3 days, or even a full week to create.

  1. We never didn’t accept your creativity
  2. We are trying to give you tips - people take time to correct and help you, but you keep churning out concepts and not looking through the tips from other people.
  3. No offense, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. Take your time!

If you want tips on how to make a good concept. This will probably help.

A Guide to Making Character Concepts

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Especially put attention to this:

Ok fine but please can you at least give me comment about my concepts especially about tillys white skill

It was hard to read dude…seems harsh, but we’re only trying to help you improve your craft!!


Sorry the spacing was meant for a other post! Simple mistake

I will take a lot of time you see before I made my first concept I imagined this concept and all of the big city greens family as heroes for this game so this is why some concepts are spammed I sometime thought of them like about 2 months ago

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