(Pink Girl..........Literally!) (Unlikely Concept)

Mina Ashido

With acid blobs in tow The Alien Queen is to splash enemies to justice

Role: Damage
Position: Mid
Team: Red

“The old you’s not going anywhere with that emo look on your face! If you overcome that gloomy self of yours… let me know. else I’ll start spreading rumors about high school debut man.”

Basic Animations

Entrance:Runs then skids then poses for battle

Basic Attack: lobs acid

Victory:jumps up and down in a joyful manner

Defeat:sighs then kneels


White Skill: Lobbing Acid :Fantastic Damage

Mina lobs 3 blobs of acid at enemies that deal x DOT for 8 seconds


Fantastic Damage,

Mina shoots a blast of acid at enemies dealing x DOT damage for 5 seconds and increasing any DOT effects by 4 seconds

Blue Skill: Cheery Pink

-When Mina gains 6 buffs (not including

Amror, Reality, Basic Damage or Skill-power increase) she gains 70% attack speed for the rest of the wave This can happen 1 time each wave

Purple Skill: Alien Queen

The 3 closest enemies have their Amror and Reality reduced by x when they have a DOT effect from Mina

This is reduced by 50% if the enemies are

above level x or higher

Red Skill: Pink Power

When Cheery Pink activates she gains energized for 9 seconds Energized means this hero gains 80 energy per basic attack

DOT effects from Mina increase increase enemies debuffs by 5 seconds If they all have a DOT effect

The debuff extension has a chance to fail against enemies level x or higher

+X Armor

+X Skill-power


Friend Disk Campaigns

Disk #1 At Their Service

New Star-Lord Partner:Pleakly

Allies:Jumba, Stitch, Buzz Lightyear

-Level Up:

+X Armor to allies when they have a DOT effect on them

+X Skill-power

-Stars:Mina heals 30% of the damage her DOT effect deal

Disk #2 Eeyore-Squad

Silver Lining

Partner: Eeyore

Allies: Joy, Anger, Captain Hook

Level Up:

+X Damage to Lobbing Acid +X Basic Damage

Stars: Mina throw 2 more blobs of aci for Lobbing Acid and these 2 deal 50% the damage of the first 3 blobs

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