Plarry The Platapuss

Basic Attack- Plarry jumps and leaps at the enemys dealing XXX damage
Entrance-Plarry will crawl in normally then transform into Agent.P
Defeat.Plarry will drop his hat acting suprized
Victory-Plarry mouth will go up and down then turn back into Plarry

White Skill- Special Mission- Plarry will jump down in A “Secret Tunnel” and players will chooce who to attack and then he leap from the top grappling down stunning them for 7 seconds and dealing XXX Damage

Green Skill-Masters Escaped- Every 9 secounds plarry will remove a negative effect from him self and gain 200 energy ( When Upgraded It Will Increase Basic Attack Damage)

Blue Skill-Normal Plarry- Plarry will go to himself normally and crawl past all enemy dealing XXXX Damage

Purple Skill-Plarry Where Are You- Plarry will go invisible for 10 secounds and when activated will jump forward to the front and attack then after 9 seconds will fall back to his normal postion

Red Skill-Special Agent P- when Plarry uses his green skill he will now gain 400 energy instead of 200 and when he kills with his White Skill he will get Attack Speed Boost for 10 seconds on himself
++10284 Baisc Damage

Animal Friends
Other. Mulan,Felix,Sully&Boo
Lure.Mushu tells the legend of what happened to Mulan and Plarry is inspired to stop the villains from proceeding however Mushu dosnt tell Plarry that is already happened
(When Equipped increasing Basic Attack by +100)

WARNING I will take suggestions on how to improve my concepts but any hate will lead to a block so you cant see me post any concepts

You can’t block on the forums…


Also it’s perry the platypus


You can actually.
But it doesn’t work like that. But anyway.

Decent concept, other then some misspelled words

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Thank you for the feedback do you like the concept tho???

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