Player Treatment

This thread has been started to have an open discussion from players about how we receive information and responses from PB and loutre.

Please keep dialogue as objective as possible and on topic. NO NAME CALLING. This thread is strictly to objectively discuss community concerns.

I will post my own comments below, as well.

If this thread becomes hateful/abusive to staff I will be removing it.


As I was reading forums today, I came across comments from loutre to players about their complaints. Some players were upset and I found the response to their complaints to be cold and uncaring. While I understand that loutre is busy with pushing out an update, if you were taking time to respond to players, I would hope for at least some understanding. When I pointed this out, I was met with what I read to be a harsh response to my criticism. Overall, I feel like that was unnecessary, and when I commented further in a nonagressive way that comment was deleted.

I have been playing this game for over 3 years. I don’t even know how long honestly. I joined right after beta. In all of my time here, a consistent problem that I have noted has been the lack of respect that both free to play and pay to players feel from sharing their comments. Today was just the latest example. As a consumer, I would hope that the opinions of people using your product could at least be heard and responded to in a kind way. I do not feel like that is too much to ask of a community leader (loutre) or a company (PB).

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Loutre, that is not my intent at all. Please know that up front

Are intent isnt to be abusive or come at anyone person dirrectly. It to get the point across that lately it’s like perblue doesnt care about its player base at all and this just further justifies those claims

I will not be accepting any abuse towards my staff as I have already seen a post being abusive to staff in the other thread I would like that to not continue in this one. I am always open to hearing constructive criticism, but if it includes inappropriate name calling I will not be accepting that and the thread will be removed.


Loutre, my intent is not to be abusive in any way. I am trying to come to you with a concern about how a collective of players feels they are treated. We do not mean any ill will to anyone. I just want an open dialogue.

With all that in mind, I’ll take this opportunity to repeat a sentiment made earlier.

While the “you don’t have to keep playing.” type of responses are, most likely, intending to mean something along the lines of “if you need to take a break from the game, do so.”, in the context of a discussion of the state of the game, it comes across as something like “we’re not changing, leave if that upsets you.”

I understand the need to remind people to take a step back, but high tensions can lead to misunderstandings, and I imagine part of that is why this thread currently exists.

You are fine. I just want to make it very clear in this thread as there was already an inappropriate comment in the previous thread.

Getting a person’s tone via the internet is always difficult. I do read everything, keep track of all feedback and attempt to respond with empathy. I have always been in the mind if there are things in a game that are upsetting to you please voice those opinions, but if it is so bad that you want to quit the game it is appropriate to step back. When I see comments of “I’ll quit” I want to make sure players are aware that this is a fine thing to do. Stepping back and taking time for yourself is very important. Voice those concerns to us, but know that we are not forcing you to stay.

I do keep track of and read all the feedback and share it with the team.


…this is about the recent account suspensions, no?

Not at all

Very coincidental then…


Nobody is being abusive we are trying to get through to you guys the game is getting worse by the day deals are awful the amount of money we have all spent on this game is astronomical and yet we are treated this unfairly nobody wants to leave the game we just want to be heard and compromised with


I think I saw a $10 deal offer ~1M stamina in S1 once

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Filadae, please to not highjack this thread to be something else.

I only want to address responses to the community. Not specific deals, suspensions, or contests.

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The deals are inconsistent is probably a more accurate way of describing it.

There’s a general… let’s call it “market value” for any given set of items, and most deals will be around that range.

Once in a while, there will be a good deal that offers a high value for the money spent.

The general consensus, however, appears to be that the standard cost for a given deal is too high.


Good that somebody mentioned that!

Why deals for almost 3 weeks get such a big downgrade, especially for people who purchase things?
How it is welcoming and persuading to spend more… there wasn’t any mention from the team/Loutre that the deals gonna change, and they did randomly and they stayed the same for 3 weeks now.
Now it’s impossible to buy cosmetic crates and mission speed-ups or memory tokens from deals that before appeared frequently.
Some people are getting 42k stamina packs for $10 while others need to pay x3/4 for the same amount of stamina, how it is acceptable, it’s completely unfair.

And also most of the deals cost +$20 now, and it wasn’t a case before.


In my comments, I never threatened to quit the game. I didn’t see where Templarism did either, but maybe I missed it. I understand wanting to let players know that stepping back is an option. It was not how I perceived those comments at all. Sorry if I misread those statements.

As a player over the years, I have had times where I spent and times I didn’t depending on how I felt about things. I keep playing because of the people I play with. Good people. Fun to be around. Many of us long term players. I also understand that the game evolves and has to so it doesn’t get stale. The overall general feeling that most players I know (many are no longer with the game for various reasons) are that our opinions or thoughts about the game are unimportant and dismissed. I know you tell us that the messages are passed on to the team, but I don’t even really know what that means. Does a group of developers actually see our ideas or comments. I think some transparency in how that works would be helpful.

Honestly, even this open dialogue with you has been helpful to me. I feel more heard in this thread than any other posts I’ve made.


There is literally another thread I started in the suggested topics below about disk power that they did nothing about and I’m sure they won’t

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