Players being punished for being the victim of cyber bullying

This company allows for cyber bullying, and refuses to help those being bullied. They only care about the $, and do not help those who have been victimized by others. BE WARNED, DO NOT PLAY

They do punish them,

You just have to report them.

If you have an issue with any particular player or comment made by a player in game chat, you can block them and report the message. That will then get reviewed and appropriate action taken (usually in the form of a chat suspension).

Hundreds of thousands of people play this game and of course, having a live public chat, there’s always going to be people trying to rile someone up. That’s not PB’s responsibility and they can’t moderate chat in real-time, there’s way too much going on.

Definitions of cyber bullying might also vary - JoeRandom13 saying “you’re ugly” in Global Chat is unlikely to get him suspended, but more severe or ongoing cases can and will.


I kinda want more context. You were cyber bullied in some way, but how? Did Perblue really punish you for being the victim, how did this occur?

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I can’t comment on this case specifically, but we do not punish victims. We do not allow bullying or harassment and do take action against players we find violating this policy. We want the game to be a fun and friendly experience!

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I meant as in chat silences.

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