Please divide zones in surge 10-27 into 3 zones: 10-14, 15-20 and 21-27 as separate zones for updating

hello, we have a problem at the guild. many low-level players cannot creep surge. We tried to conduct lectures among the players so that the large levels would not touch the weak zones (21-27), but to no avail. And in the end we get, for example, 10-14 are not closed, since the strong characters are over, and the guild floor has not made 1 attacks. people freak out and leave the game altogether. Divide all zones separately. I don’t understand why you didn’t do that right away. there are strong characters - you beat strong zones 10-14, there are average 15-20, weak ones remained 21-27. now we have a team of 3 million power in zone 10, and the whole guild cannot do anything to reset zones 10-27 and go through weaker zones.

they are? :thinking:

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