Please fix the invincible beast bug

Beast frequently becomes unkillable, please fix this. I’ve had a full five character left against only beast with no life and they battled over a minute and couldn’t kill him. This happens often.

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It’s not a bug, that’s his white skill. His white skill grants immunity for a certain period of time. Also if he continually attacks he refills his energy bar while invincible so that when it expires he reactivates his white skill again.


It’s not a feature it’s a bug… he’s not supposed to be invincible for 60 seconds… please fix this

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It’s how it should work NOT A BUG, just unbalanced hero :wink:
And you’re sad now… better don’t meet Randall.

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1 white activation won’t make him invincible for that long though…
Using it over and over before it expires will. That’s a balance problem, not a bug.

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He isn’t invincible. He just can’t reach below 1 HP.

Also, this is not a bug. It is his white skill. If you don’t disable the Beast long enough he will defeat your team. Try to use charm heroes, they work best

Or simply nerf the beast by reducing the duration of its white ability to 6 or 7 seconds since 10 seconds in which it is “immortal” is crazy (also beast has tenacity depending on the range and that increasing attack speed) and if you want those 10 seconds you can add them to your red ability by making your white skill last 3 or 4 more seconds depending on something.
(translated by google translator)

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