Please get rid of Tapjoy

I frequently will do offers to get diamonds. Disney Heroes is my jam, but every now and then I like to check a new game out. I’ve never had problems with Fyber, and the customer service is great. Tap joy support however is a joke. I’ve had problems with them multiple times and have to hunt them down to get a response. This last offer l completed got marked resolved after I flagged it. The only way you can contact them after they close it is through Twitter and it’s a pain in the butt. Their offers have crashed on me multiple times ( doesn’t happen with anyone else) please dump them .

Theorem reach it the same

I’ve had the opposite experience. Fyber has been pretty awful. After a complaint regarding not receiving rewards, they are slow to respond, and their response is usually along the lines of “We’ll get back to you later.” And then they don’t respond ever again. And if you prod them, they’re always responding with something like"Oh, sorry, the offer is expired now," but the offer is only expired NOW because they waited two weeks to respond. And this can be very frustrating after putting nearly a month’s worth of effort into an offer with a supposedly big reward which turns out to be no reward at all.

I’ve had no problems with Tapjoy. Every time I send in a complaint, it is dealt with immediately. Tapjoy even lets you send in screenshots to prove your claim while Fyber is very dismissive of any such proof.

Long live Tapjoy!

Theorem reach is abysmal
It never works, lags, lies aboutt the amount of time…

Nobody’s forced to use any of these services :man_shrugging:

If want to be equal for all players…everyone should just be allowed theorem surveys. Hard to call equal to players when apple can only do theorem surveys. But ads like these makes pb money, so I can see why don’t get rid of them all together. Just saying not fair to all platforms is all, even if it an apple reasoning only or not.

When it is your only source to extra diamonds as a ftp , really are forced to when the checkin values havent increased for a long time, yet contest make it seem everyone is loaded with diamonds and stamania when the scores are abysmally low (and before u say don’t need to do contests… hints on loading screen say a good way to level up his through contests, so something not holding up to its true bargain)

Tapjoy is literally gpogle ads but if they forced you to make fake rewards for the people who accept them

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