Please Nerf Elsa

Dear PerBlue,

I am a massive fan of Disney Heroes Battle Mode. I have been playing the game for almost a month now and have been making good progress with unlocking characters and climbing up the ranks in Arena and Colesium. However, like all games with a huge roster, even though all of the characters in this game are good in their own right, there are still some that are clearly better than others. One of said characters is Elsa. The amount of times that I have lost to her despite my team having a higher team power level is just simply INFURIATING. The fact that she can freeze half of your entire team AND deal 50% more damage to those enemies is simply overpowered, cheap and unfair, especially since Elsa doesn’t even need her Ultimate to do it. I’m sure many other players agree with me on this, so if you could find a way to weaken her so she could be more balanced, that would be greatly appreciated. I truly love and admire the care and quality you put into this game and hope you consider my request for the next or any future patch. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

Elsa doesn’t really need a nerf…


Your opinion

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It isn’t my opinion. You just have to use a better team comp

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Opinion of many, she is easy to kill


Keep in mind team power isn’t everything. Try a different team, look for more synergy!


I think she is the worst freeze character honestly. She is so fragile and can die within a few strong hits. You just have to take care of her quickly and she is nothing but a road bump

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How? She freezes HALF OF YOUR TEAM and deals tons of damage to frozen enemies. I have strong characters with maxed out badges and even though they’re higher leveled I STILL lose.

Who do you use?

Stitch, Zurg, Felix, WALL-E, Olaf, and Mad Hatter.

She has a very unbalanced Armor to Reality Ratio, with Armor being the lower one here. A few hits of Merida’s Arrows or Jack Sparrow’s Cannons will surely shut her down.

Or you could use backline Charmers like Tia Dalma…

Elsa in the right team is pretty good. She’s certainly not overpowered though, there are a lot of heroes who can counter (or just obliterate lol) her. Just a question of team comps.


Can you please reveal who they are?

@NintIce2000 I could suggest a few counters to elsa. These may or may not be available on your server:
Goofy(wearing mickey disk)
Olaf(wearing felix disk)
Miss piggy
Ducky &Bunny
Joy(anger disk)
Kevin Flynn
Hiro(Darkwing Duck disk)
Woody(Jessie disk)

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Use Anger and say bye to Elsa

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Hmm, well I do want to use Goofy, but he’s not in my server yet. And while I do have Olaf, he still loses to Elsa. But then again I don’t have the disk you mentioned

Elsa is a glass cannon. Basically If you can land an early hit, such as from gonzo or Aladdin, she will die pretty quickly. Also as I suggest above, there are several heroes that can avoid or even punish her freezes.

You have literally multiple characters who block disables. Anger and Flynn being the most prominent in this category. And Elsa’s reality SUCKS she also is one of the most squishy characters. Just use a character who can Attack Fast and Can Do a Giant Short Burst Of Damage. Anger comes to mind with his white skill here.

You meant Armor but okay…

Well firstly, you can only use 5 heroes max. in a team.

Secondly, try asking a guildie to post an Elsa team of similar power to your lineups in chat so you can experiment by sparring :slight_smile: of the heroes you posted, you don’t really have any particularly strong damage hero (once zurg gets frozen, he’s dead). Look for heroes with high tenacity or who can heal themselves, or use shielding or some other healing. You can also go for killing Elsa directly, with heroes that jump to the backline or even pull her to the front line. :man_shrugging:

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