PLEEEEEASE fix the message notifications system


So… game is over 1year old nowadays (301 days on servers 2-8 but server1 is 3 months older) and still the message system works really bad…
90% of the time i dont get notifications for pm, expecially because i play from 2 devices (ipad and iphone) and switch pretty often (play 85% from ipad but sometimes if i am out i use phone) and everytime if someone send me a pm while i am not in game or i switch from one device to the other i dont get any notifications. Just discover now 3 new messages 3-7days older while searchin people in friend list… really guys try to definitvely fix this problem somehow… its unbelievable that still after 1y we miss messages in game cause we dont know that someone wrote to us…


I have this issue a lot as well. It’s not uncommon for me to not see PMs until people happen to send me a heist invite several days later or until I search for them in my list friends to send them a message. It’s gotten to the point that if I send a time sensitive PM to a guild mate that I mention that I sent them a PM in guild chat.

While we’re talking about the friends list, it is frustrating that the friends list always tries to scroll back to the top while you’re trying to find someone in particular.


Yeah also the scroll thing is so annoyng…
Got like 100 people in friend list and each time scroll to pick the right dude is impossible due to that auto top but that bring you back on the list… hate that!


I believe the problem is that these notifications are iften sent with other notifications such as energy filled up, arena demotions, etc.

All it shows is the persins namr, and if you swap to show you received the notification, then the ingame message notification will not show.


I’m not even talking about the push notifications to my device, I’m talking about the chat interface not showing that I have an unread message. I don’t like a cluttered chat interface, so whenever I’m done talking with someone, I press the Clear all private messages from XXX button. If someone sends me a message, the chat system won’t add their name back to the list on the left and show me that there is an unread message.

This even happens sometimes when I’m online and someone sends me a PM. I only see the message because the next time they see me in VIP, they tell me that they sent me a message, so I go and look at our chat history and sure enough they had sent me a message a few hours earlier (I leave the game running on my tablet for most of the day but am AFK).


The message system is atrocious. You will get message. Pop up notifications and they won’t be visible in game. Really really poor.


Please @Polaris can we ask devs to find a definitive solutions to that bug message notification issue?


We have active tickets for investigating all these situations. Unfortunately, these are not issues that we can easily reproduce, nor are there any error logs. It is something that the team is still working on!