Pocahontas and Elsa friend campaign

I’m stuck in chapter 3 because that stupid exploding dinosaur keeps killing Elsa - yet not Megavolt, even though I havent leveled him up at all. Why is she dying instead of him? And what is it going to take, to keep her alive?

I’ve got her at Red0 level 150 and I keep doing everything I can to raise her health, but still can’t get her to survive the explosion. Why couldn’t they just let me keep Goliath from the previous chapter?

Spoiler Alert: You’re doing the wrong friend campaign. The Kida disk is 1000x more useful.


Oh, I know. I did that one already. I’m just doing the Elsa one for fun.

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Well, hmm. Dunno what’s going wrong. All I can say is maybe pump Elsa’s HP and Reality up some more? Dino can’t do infinite damage, can he?

Well, I don’t know how, but it seems that levelling up Megavolt was the answer (though I only put him up to Purple+1 and level 100, since I wanted to save resources for Esmeralda). Even with all 3 heroes though, that cheetah cop guy put up a heck of a fight. And when both Elsa and Megavolt eventually went down, the Rocketeer really kept Pocahontas on her toes. (I was like, “Come on, Flit! Come on, Flit! Come on, Flit! Yes! Good birdy!”)

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