Polaris Appreciation

Ok. Many forumers can agree, that Polaris is a very important person and deserves more appreciation for what they do. I understand that this might die, but feel free to share all the reasons we love Polaris. He/She should not be blamed at all for PB’s actions and decisions that the players blame them for, as it is the developers decisions. He/She for the most part is on our side and deserves to be respected.

Ways Polaris is Awesome:
Posts Patch Notes and other important threads that keep the forums alive and active
Deals with spammers and complainers
Hints for heroes coming in the patch notes
Always helpful and very active
Always listens to us and tries their best to report progress on bugs and other problems with the game
Makes suggestions (that come from us) to the devs

In short, @Polaris the forums thanks you!


Just a little thing…

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Fixed! (10)


But I do agree.

Now it is fixed completely!


Yes, I agree. Alot of forumers are blaming @Polaris because of bad things such as cap raises, gizmonerf, and etc.

@Polaris is not responsible for these action, as Perblue does this.

I feel very bad for @Polaris because in the recent days, they have had to deal with spammers, false flaggers, and bugs.

Please don’t be ungrateful, as @Polaris is our only community manager, and you should be thankful.

Thanks for all your work @Polaris. :smiley:


Yep! I was getting fed up with that, so I made the thread. Everyone needs to feel appreciated now and then, especially during this time.


Great topic! @Polaris you’re the best! If someone deserves a topic like this, then YOU!
Greetings, Irrer Minnie :kissing_heart:


Thanks so much @Polaris!


OMG OMG OMG Polaris liked my post AHHHH. Yes I did double check it was them.

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O. M.G!!! Omg!

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Don’t get me wrong, Polaris does a great job, but there’s a difference between @'ing them and blaming them. They communicate between us and the rest of PB, so it literally makes zero difference if someone says “Polaris” instead of “PerBlue”. They’re an intelligent human being, and are aware of when someone makes a minor mistake. Honestly, it’s kind of annoying how you all correct anyone who does that, it’s rude and isn’t necessary. Just chill and let it go, you guys are obsessed.


Really u are awesome ,Polaris .You are so great handling these all.And i agree with Irrer Minnie that if someone deserves the appreciation is, you.
But i feel sorry that people dont appreciate u much but blame more.Again Thanks Polaris
Ya are so awesome!


I just wanna pre-appreciate @Polaris for having to deal with the mess caused by he who must not be named.
Big Crash

You’re not helping

Sorry to revive, but congrats to @Polaris on the new job! I am sure you got it because you are such a model citizen!

Don’t forget us!

And aloha 'oe


Goodbye Polaris!
I look forward to buying your merch :wink:

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Wait what is going on lol

There’s a new community manager now, @Loutre:
New Community Manager


Step on the Polaris-Express to pay your respects to the all mighty polaris god!

I know, bad joke…

But seriously @Polaris good job! You earned that promotion and deserve it from all the time you spend here, But will you still be on forums sometimes or the same amount of time?

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