[Poll + Thoughts] Stackables vs Solos

So for this one, after talking with a few people, I decided to make a poll about deals since I think its been around a year ever since they were introduced…and I wanted to see the thoughts of the community as to what type deals they would prefer and what they think of the acutal deals as of right now. And…what improvements/changes they would like to see in those deals.

  • Stackable deals
  • Solo deals

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As for my thoughts/opinions personally I prefer stackable deals because as a f2p (free to play player), I prefered the stackable ones because they gave you a lot of value and you didn’t even have to pay that much for it, and get a lot of resources. Not to mention, you kinda had the choice of which deals to stack depending on the type of deals they offered that day.
Ex: there were 3 deals that each costed $5 each, and a $10 deal. All you had to do back then was buy the $10 deal and you would have all 4 deals. Which is great value since right now, u would have to pay $20 for the deals seperately, (since stackable deals no longer exsist.)
Hopefully polaris can see this post and just like other posts, we can show them how we feel about this area of the game clearly and in a respecful manner.


The only reason Solo deals were introduced was probably because PB was falling behind on money, which they need to run the game.

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