Possible bug?


Ive had it with a couple new heroes where I tried to level up their friendships and since they have no missions ive run out of options to level them up. Anyone know a fix for this?

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Its not a bug you can unlock missions once your friendship level reaches level 5. In order to reach level 5 you can play the friendship campaign, you can unlock it once you reach friendship level 3

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Okay prime example i have both friend for maleficent at level 7 but no missions. So I cant get friendship exp for fighting together or missions since none pop up


Try switching the missions to all. Maybe it is not startable. In addition, if you have a 0% chance of success it will not show up as startable. (This happened to me with Merida and Elastigirl.)


So how does it get to sharable then? I tried looking through every variable in the mission options and none pulled up any for their combos. So then it would be that its at 0% but how would i get it to more. I have both maleficent and ursula above lvl 100 and orange leveled.


What about stars?

I have not unlocked their campaign yet, so maybe someone else can help more than I can??


Oh! Maybe you are using a hero in a different mission that you need for the mission you want to use