Possible concurrency issue with Coliseum battles

Yesterday’s situation:

  1. Me (1st place)
  2. Player A (2nd place)
  3. Player B (3rd place)

I wake up and get 2 notifications. Player A and Player B both defeated me in the Coliseum at around (within a minute) of each other.

I look at the rankings and see:

  1. Player B (1st place)
  2. Me (2nd place)
  3. Player A (3rd place)

The only way this could occur is that both Player A and Player B were in combat with me at the same time. Then Player A defeated me and set Player A to 1st and me to 2nd. Then Player B defeated me which set Player B to 1st and me to 2nd place.

It feels like the battle stores the positions/ranking of the players at the start of the battle, so the outcome can overwrite a previous/simultaneous battle outcome.

Due to the lack of battle activity, this could be a rare occurrence, but it can also be exploited by initiating a battle with a friend and then slow playing or pausing it and then when that battle ends (assuming you lose on purpose) both participants are at the same ranking as before the battle even if either of the two lost battles during that process.

In other similar-games (Star Wars one, I think), once a battle has started then those 2 players are locked (shown as ‘in battle’) and others can’t attack them at the same time to prevent concurrency issues with the coding.

This might have just been a really weird scenario, but I can’t think of anything other than the above situation based on the before state and the after state of the rankings. – Also nobody was promoted out of the arena - the nearest person still had almost 2 day until promo to Challenger.

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