Powercraft failure on spoon full of sugar for kida took energy, no badge, gave error

Got a powercraft failure where creating the spoon full of sugar badge for kida. Said the error was reported but it still took my energy and didn’t give me the badge. I had to pay the stamina again so I could advance

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I got this a few times too when I power crafted too much too fast. And it took my stamina and gave me nothing either :frowning: @polaris could we have some words on this?

When this error happens, the crafting isn’t successful, and any resources are returned to you. Sometimes it happens instantly, but sometimes you need to restart the game to see the gold and stamina return. I’ve checked loads of these reports and in every single one the resources were returned.

The team is investigating why this error happens, but it does seem to be because the amount of resources on the game client is out of sync with the server.

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