"Premium" Stamina Question

I bought a $5 diamonds package and received Premium stamina yesterday. Does the timer reset if I now buy a stamina package with diamonds only?

Yes, the timer will reset to 24hrs again if you buy Premium Stamina for diamonds.


Thanks Emitz, I can confirm that the timer did reset. Hopefully I can keep this going into the weekend for a potential Double Campaign event to level up somewhat.

There was also a glitch in that the timer read that I had 21 hours left, but it should have been less than 10’. @Polaris is there a bug fix planned for that premium stamina timer glitch?

That bug was fixed with the 1.13.2 update yesterday. If you experience this happening again after the update, please let us know!

I thought that was the case in regards to the bug fix. The timer had been accurate all day as I was carefully watching for an opportunity to buy more to reset the timer. The only time I noticed the timer was wrong just before I purchased more premium stamina with diamonds today. The counter was going to run out around 1:00pm, but I purchased more and the timer did indeed properly reset.

Wait so if you buy premium stamina and you buy more the whole stamina purchased resets the timer for example 750 premium stamina 24hours you buy another deal with stamina inside 24 hours for example 400 premium stamina and you have 1100 stamina to spend as premium and in effect an extra amount of hours?

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