Problem with City watch challenge


All my city watch challenge has been removed.
Yesterday : 13/15 & 13/15
Today : 0/15 & 0/15
Is this problem reported?


I too am having issues with challenges this week. Power Run seems fine, but Slow and steady is always 0, despite using all tanks, or all control, both of which count in Power Run.


Don’t know, just did that, everything looks good. Yet one of my guildmates also has that problem.


Lo qué pasa es que tienes que ganar las 15 batallas de city watch con 3 estrellas. Si ya empiezas otra city watch se reinicia todo.

Hablo español. (Please, traslate this)


Did you reset city watch?

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It’s because you have to complete the challenge in a single city watch. You can’t complete 13 areas one day and then 2 the next, you must complete all 15 in one shot.


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