Problems with signing in on the forum on the PC

Hi, I would like to be able to sign in on the forum on the PC and have tried to follow the instructions in this link: Logging in to forums on a different device .

However the email change doesn’t seem to get properly registered as when I try to write in my email on the PC in order to log in, the email isn’t recognized. I have noticed that after trying to change the email and go back to preferences the email has reverted to the original game account email. So due to that I can’t do step 9 and send a password reset request.

I don’t know why this happen, but I am on iPad and my account is tied to Game Center so wondering if that could be a reason to why I am having problems, even if it shouldn’t be.

So if anyone has any tips on how I be able get past this problem and login? It is technically more of a question than feedback so I am not sure if the category fits, but it was the closest to what seemed relevant and I would assume this can be feedback maybe.

But yeah, help would be appreciated :-).


I am able to log in on PC by making an account password for here, and opening the forums on my PC and logging in with the password and my username, you could try that.

Yeah, but how do I access the password as I don’t really know what it is or to say how to access it, or do you actually mean the Gmail password?

Getting access to the password is what I think I have problems with maybe.

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Once you change the email address in the settings, the system sends you an email, and you have to follow the instructions in the email to verify the email address. If you don’t see the email message, check your spam and see if it was filtered.

Thanks for trying to answer Polaris :-).

Though, the problem is after I have tried to change the email address I click on the email that should give me access to connect the PC to my email, but it doesn’t.

The email only says this:
“Confirm your new email address for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode by clicking on the following link.”.

This I have done and tried to add my email to the email field, but for some reason when I do so it says this: “No account matches (Email)”.

So yeah, it is weird. I am not sure why, but like I mentioned it seems like the email change aren’t properly saved after sending the email to my email account as the email address reverts back to the old game account email seemingly.
At least when I have clicked on preferences again after having tried to change the email it has for some reason reverted, so it seems like the email change isn’t properly saved for me for some reason.

What does the screen say after you click the link?

It takes me to the sign in/ login page, no instructions on the page itself, just seem to expect me to fill in the email and access the account that way. I can’t get password reset emails to my actual email as the email change doesn’t seem to be saved, so it seem to only send the password resets to the game email.

Have you put your email in on the device you use now?

You mean like my iPad logged into my email? (The game is on the iPad).

No, my iPad isn’t logged in at the moment, but my PC was when I tried.

You need to connect it I believe on this device.

I see, can try.

Thanks :-).

Finally in on the PC now ^^.



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