Promo Code Invaild

I received a Promo Code today but when submitting it comes back as “invalid”. What’s up?

Was it the ‘we haven’t seen you in a while’ promo code?

I got that too, not sure why since I never stopped playing lol. But yeah it didn’t work for me either, seems to be some glitch

@Loutre @Nugget

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Seems like some people got emails to accounts they consolidated or emails that were changed to new adresses since the last “fix”

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Same here - promo cade invalid - it was exciting waiting to see what I was going to receive…and then, meh…


I’m guessing it’s 200 diamonds again.


I haven’t received a promo code for quite awhile.

This Promo Code appeared 1 day ago

2 code: “trick”, “treat”

The promo code didn’t work for me until I tried both with all lower case then it worked.

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