Promotion/demotion notification noise

Any chance we can get the guild promotion and demotion notices moved from the guild chat channel to the guild wall? It makes our chat channel very noisy. Thanks!

A. The topic title is “Promotion/demotion notification noise
B. Guild Wall is for more important things, like Guild rules, why cram it?

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At least in our guild, the rules are pinned so they float above the noise, but valid point. Maybe the request needs to be a 3rd channel for automated stuff

Yea, like the Red Skill unlock message cuz those are just dang anoyying

I agree, guild wall is already too crammed. Why do you want to move it? the messages dissappear anyway if enough chats are going on?
But 100% keen for another guild wall for invasion, rules, spars, etc.

You could turn this off previously, not sure why they disabled it, maybe Polaris has more information?
But it is quite fun to see people unlock red skills, we give :cupcake: when someone unlocks a red skill in chat.

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without the red skill unlocks in particular, our guild would look like it has 6 members lol

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