Purl(Disney/Pixar shorts contest)

Quote)I have a really good feeling about this
Victory) purl smile’s and puts on his name tag
Defeat) purl frowns
Entrance)purl walks in with a coffee mug
Normal attack)purl throws a coffee
White skill-working hard)purl starts typing on his laptop for until his energy runs out while he’s typing he scans enemies and deals x damage (normal damage)
Green skill-clipboard toss)purl throws a clipboard at the frontline enemy.
Blue skill-tasty drink)purl drinks coffee healing her or he(I don’t know the gender) over time
Purple skill-coffee boost) purls blue skill now gives purl a speed boost by x
Purl and Mike wazowski
Disk-purl’s blue skill now Shields)
Allies) zurg, moana,captain hook
Unlocked) lvl 190
Purl and animal
Disk-clipboard toss now stuns for 4 seconds)
Series) purl

I am sorry, but I am afraid this does not meet all of the guidelines for my contest. This is a nice concept, but I cannot let you enter it.

Oh… Okay…

I feel bad when I have to say it. Sorry. Make sure next time that the concept follows all guidelines if you decide to make a concept for a contest!

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