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Ian, Barley, and Wilden Lightfoot

Role: Tank

Team: Blue

Quote: “You’re Not running from the cops, you’re running from our mom’s boyfriend!”

Basic attack: Ian shoots lightning at the enemy

Entrance: The trio walk into the battlefield, Ian getting in a wizard stance.
Victory: The three start dancing with barley Imitating Wilden’s top half.
Defeat: Wilden falls over and the brothers attempt to get him back up

White skill: Fireworks spell: Ian uses a spell that shoots a firework towards the middle of the enemies dealing X damage, and pushing them back.

Green skill: Gut Instinct: Barley listens to his gut and targets the strongest/most wanted enemy

Blue skill: Terrible Dancing: Wilden starts dancing very badly, blinding the enemies for X seconds

Purple Skill: Heart’s Fire: When Ian, barley, and Wilden reach 50% health, Their power increases.


Ian, barley, and Wilden/ Merlin
Wizard Duel

Ian, Barley, and Wilden/Goofy
Horrible Dancers

This is my first concept so it might not be that good, but I’m proud of it

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Isn’t Wilden the one with no upper body?

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Yup! Usually he has a fake upper half but the skill set wouldn’t work with that.

Why’s that? Is it difficult?

Usually he is taller with it and I prefer for him to be in front of the two but it could still work, just might need some adjustments.

I see now.

I thought Gwenavear would be in it

I was thinking about it, but I wanted it to be less like finnick, and I wanted each character from the three to have one skill so I chose to use barley’s gut instinct that he mentions in the movie

Oklee doklee

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