Q&A Session - July 3

Welcome to the June July edition of Q&A! I know that you’ve been eager to have another session with the team and we’ll be chatting with you on Friday, July 3 at 1:00 PM CT.

This is going to be an open chat, so we don’t have any specific topics we’re asking about, but we’re open and listening to you. I know that there have been other lists of topics that you’ve compiled recently, and we are looking at those (like ideas about the State of the Game), but if you have specific topics you’d like us to cover in this Q&A, please post them here!


Yay! A Q&A! Finally! :grin:

Some questions:

  1. When do you think it’s a good idea to increase the level cap?
  2. How is Kim Possible?
  3. How is Kermit the Frog?
  4. How is Anna?
  5. Why isn’t franchises like Gravity Falls coming to the game even though they’re badges related to that show?
  6. Any new modes or features planned?
  7. How is Lightning ROB doing? Any plans for this creep?
  8. When do you guys think it’s a good time to release a certain character?
  9. How do you fix a broken character?
  10. How do you animate these characters?
  11. Will there be more badge avatars in the forums?

Hey, Where’s Perry @Polaris?


Will there be facts about all the characters?

In future Will You add jake Long And Brandy And Mr whiskers?

Any hints about upcoming characters

More questions

  1. Any updates about Kim
  2. Character hints
  3. Kermit, where is kermit
  4. Any phineas and ferb characters
  5. Any hero delays because of covid
  6. Will anything be done about forum spammers
  7. Why are there so many weird frames
  8. How do you guys pick what characters you want to do, and how hard is it to come up with a skill set
  9. What was your favorite character to design
  10. How can you have gravity falls badges but not be able to have characters

When does the cookie emoji comes in the game :3 :cookie: ?

Oh nice, a Q&A ^^.

I think I would like to ask how many there are on the story team and like if they are a bit split between working on the main story itself as in the main campaign and the friend campaigns.
I think it overall would be really cool to hear about the progress that goes into making story content for the game, so having a little extra part that focusing on the process making the story content would be really appreciated :-).

An another thing I think would be cool to hear in terms would be how it is decided what old badges will be reappearing on a stage. Like why a certain badge is chosen over another badge that might also be not all that common.

If anyone of these two questions have been asked before feel free to direct me to the answers, but yeah thought it could be cool to hear a bit on the the process of game making that are a part of the story content and old badge selecting for newer stages :-).

Quick questions versions:
.1. Wondering on how the story content is made for the game, like what goes into the process?
.2. How it is decided what badges will reappear on newer stages?


I would like the Q&A to address how the gap between spenders and free players is being addressed and closed.
I want to know what have been the most enjoyable characters to make, which ones have taken the longest to make, and which ones have been the hardest to make.
What is the process of making a character?
Will City Watch be getting a refresh?
What is happening with Anna from Frozen?


More questions:

1: Will Heinz Doofenscmirtz ever be added?
2: Will any Toy Story characters be added?
3: Anything about heroes?

My questions
1: When will we have a Kim-tasic update?
2: Will you guys add more characters from shows?
3: Will you guys add Phineas and Freb characters?
4 How long does it take to make a character?
5: Will you guys add lilo?
6: When will you guys add daisy?
7: Will there be more Lilo and stitch characters?


can you make it so when we click the guild info button in surge, we can also click on our guild members names to send them a message. That way if there are members who haven’t completed surge or are online you can message directly from surge instead of existing out and going to the guild members list to message them Thank you. I would really appreciate it
Also on our friends list can you add a counter of our friends like 48/50 so we know if it is getting close to full. It would also be helpful if in the message we get saying our friend list is full, you could also include the guild name instead of just the players name. Then we would be able to find that player after freeing up room on our list. Thank you


Well I guess the biggest is how long do you think it’ll take for the rest of the heroes to get red skills?

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More of my questions…
8: Why is one of minnie’s skill is pluto?
9: Why did you guys do nothing for Pixar month?
10: Will there be more badges in the game and the forums?
11: Is the @System broken?
12: Will you guys add new stuff in the forums?
13: Do you guys fix bugs in the forums?
14: What is taking Kim Possible so long to be made?
15: When will you guys stop (or take a break) with making team levels?
16: When do you think the game will shut down?
17: Why does the game kick me off every couple of minutes?
18: Do you want Kim Possible like we do?
19: Will you add Kermit the frog?
20: Will you add Dipper and Mable (and maybe even Bill Cipher)?

( Sorry i am asking alot of questions.)


Can you please give us character hints?

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Character hints on upcoming villains or Mickey Mouse/DuckTales/darkwing Duck characters

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Are you already considering adding characters from Treasure Planet such as Jim Hawkins, John Silver, and Captain Amelia soon? Fans of the underrated masterpiece like me have been anxiously and impatiently waiting for you guys to finally include them. Treasure Planet deserves as much attention, love, and representation in this game as much as the others, you know. And will there be more TP-inspired badges in the near future? It shouldn’t have only just three.

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How do you choose who will a character be friend with?
Are you planning to release more Disney princesses?
Will you add more classic characters?

  1. Which modes do you plan on rebooting?
  2. Why are new heroes broken and imbalanced now?
  3. Will the next color for ranks be gold or yellow?
  4. How do you feel about our ideas on possible ways to make the game better?
  5. Have you guys ever tried to put characters from Gravity Falls into the game?
  6. Moderators on the forums?
  7. New avatars for the forums?
  8. KP?
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