Question about Judy's Purple Skill

Judy’s Play Dead Purple Skill has me confused. Does the skill always activate? If it does, Does it make Judy OP?

Yes, it always activates the first time she reaches 0hp in the battle.

No, it doesn’t make her OP.

I’m sure I have seen it fail to trigger in the past but it has always been when I have been fighting a Judy who was much lower power than me.
I assumed that if she takes a hit powerful enough to knock her out and also take off all the extra hp she gets after coming back then she just stays down, to speed things along a bit.
As for her being OP, it is useful but not a huge game changer. It can make a big difference if (for example) the first hit from Quorra’s special knocks her out. She then comes back to life and is invincible briefly which leaves Quorra wasting the rest of her attack.

Thanks. Much appreciated.

So it does not make Judy OP but it is a powerful skill, right?

No…now it must be ten characters…Yes.

Anyways,Judy’s skill may seem OP at first glance, but then you need tp remember, this is once per battle. Sure it is good in War, Coliseum, and Arena, bit in Campaign? Shee can only use it once per lvl. CIitywatch? Once for the entire City Watch. invasion? Ince for the Entire Invasion.

Always Activates, Makes Judy Kind Of OP.

Judy Is Already Kind Of OP Without Purple Rank Lol.

OP? HArdly… On my main team? Yus!

Her disk with Felix is so amazing!!

Thanks Man!

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Does the same thing apply to Sally’s blue skill as well?

I can’t say for certain either way but I don’t remember ever seeing it happen with Sally. As far as I know she always regenerates.

Judy used to be great, I rarely use her anymore at o5. She only needs some minor buffs to be viable again. For instance her testify skill heals an ally for like 5000 health at level 115. That isnt enough to stop a sneeze from dash.

A sneeze from Dash? What does that mean? :confused:

Was using it as a joke. Just saying at level 115, 5000 health is nothing. So much that a sneeze would do that much damage.

Okay. I get your joke.

Though, what do you mean when you said that Judy used to be great?

When Judy and Sally reach 0 hp, and they use that skill, do that count as a hero death as well?

No. Heroes are only dead when they reach 0hp and can’t revive. Revive effects stop heroes from dying, if available.
That means killing heroes dont receive 300 energy and Calhoun, Jack Sparrow, enemy Judy(ies) and Ursula (hades disc) (to name a few) will not receive boosts.