Question about transferring accounts

Just a quick question. Has anyone ever transferred their account from one device to another with facebook?

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You can’t exactly ‘transfer’ it - it just stays on both. If you open the game on a new device, and your account is linked to FB, you can sign into FB on the new device and it should automatically find your account


Alright. That should be helpful enough

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Yes, I did exactly that to gain access to my formerly Android/Google account over on the Apple side.
Being linked via FB, it’s accessible on both, so not “transferred” per-se

Now heres a question. If i permanently deleted my FB account, is google play my only recovery/transfer method? (Asking now because i recently nuked my fb account…ive used fb before to move my game to a new phone…:rofl:)

In theory yes, though it would be possible to just make a dummy FB and use that to sync the account. I’m not sure how well that abides by the various TOS, though.

PB can retrieve your account for you and sync it to Google etc. should it ever go missing

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