Questions about the Collections

I have a few questions about the Collections:

Shield Collection:
1 - Why Dr. Facilier is NOT in this Collection? I mean, his white skill creates a shield for him, right?

2 - Winnie’s red skill gives him a shield, red skills don’t count in this case?

3 - Gizmoduck’s red skill is the only skill that can create shields, so I think Winnie should be here in this Collection too.

Princesses Collection:
1 - Why Elsa is NOT in this Collection? I know she is a queen in the first movie, but she’s actually an official Disney Princess… have you guys watched “Ralph Breaks The Internet”?

Healers Collection:
1 - Why Winnie is in this Collection? I know he can heal himself, but that’s all…

2 - The same thing happens with Duck Donald, he can only heal himself.

3 - If Winnie and Donald are in this Collection, Rafiki should be as well, he can also heal himself AND his red skill allows him to heal another ally… and also, if we’re gonna consider Winnie and Donald as healers, we should consider Hercules, Ducky & Bunny, Goofy, Megara, AND A LOT OF OTHER CHARACTERS as healers as well.

4 - Why Woody is NOT in this Collection? His purple skill can heal allies and works the same way Jack Skellington’s purple skill does… And, guess what? Only Jack is in healers Collection…

Stun Collection:
1 - Why Mulan is NOT in this Collection? Have you ever seen her first move in the battle? She stuns the backline hero… So… I think she deserves it.

DuckTales Collection:
1 - Why Darkwing Duck is NOT in this Collection??

And last but not least, here it is a little suggestion from a Disney fan (myself haha): what about a villain Collection?? We have a lot of villains in the game and it would be awesome.

That’s it, thank you so much.


Welcome to the forums, first of all. Second to answer this question, cause this is the only one I know:

Elsa is not an official Disney Princess for a variety of reasons, including the fact she is a Queen. There are other reasons too, but this is the most obvious one. There have been many threads that address this question, so I suggest you look there (but do not reply) to get a better explanation because I am tired of explaining it.


Nope. Ariel, Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas, Merida, Rapunzel, Tiana, Moana


They got their list from Disney.

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Because Darkwing Duck is an own Series


i would love a villian collection. Maybe something like basic attacks has x% chance to scare enemies? (Similar to Wonderland’s chace to stun)


Darkwing isn’t a part of DuckTales (1990s)


The collections need a makeover in my opinion.

Firstly due to the inconsistencies of who is in the hero mastery lists as you pointed out. They need to specify if e.g. healers are only when skills for healing allies; does red skills count?; what about friendship disks? (Goofy’s Mickey disk for example)

Secondly, not all Characters are included in the “Hero Emojis” Cosmetics (Animal, Baloo, Basil, Colette - to name a few), Kristoff and Sven is also missing from the “Hero Avatar” Cosmetic for some reason?


I have a better question in healers, why Jumba isn’t in that collection, if his green skill heal?

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i have jumba in 2 collections. not in healers

i love a villain collection. evil queen, hades, hook, gaston, jafar, qoh, mal, madam mim, scar, shan yu, yzma
did i miss any others?


Yeah, u forgot the Pixar ones, like Randall, Syndrome, Zurg… last time I counted there were about 18 villains at least, wow

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