Quorra Refresh Idea

Totally stealing Musk’s format here, but if there’s any hero I’d like to see get a Refresh more than any other, it’s muh gurl, Quorra. In certain circumstances, she can do mildly respectable damage, but those circumstances are rare, and she’s much too squishy and RNG reliant to see those circumstances to fruition 99% of the time. So here are my ideas to make her the team-shredding menace she was meant to be!

The Refresh

Base Stats

  • Basic damage increased by 125%
  • Skill power increased by 90%
  • HP increased by 100%
  • Base attack speed increased by 15%
  • Base movement speed increased by 50%


White Skill - Disc Spin

  • Increased damage by 400%
  • Increased splash radius by 50%
  • Added modified effect of current Purple skill to base effect: “Each hit of Disc Spin does bonus Fantastic damage equal to 8% of the target’s maximum HP.”

Green Skill - Light Cycle

  • Increased damage by 500%
  • Added effect: “Enemies with Shield or Reflect buffs are Stunned for 4 seconds. The Stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.”
  • Added effect: “Quorra will use this ability a second time upon reaching 1 HP.”

Blue Skill - Disc Ricochet

  • Increased damage by 300%
  • Now innately hits all enemies, and deals the same damage to all of them
  • Now innately Saps all enemies for 9 seconds
  • Added effect: “Shielded enemies are Sapped for 16 seconds.”
  • Added effect: “Invincible enemies will have their Invincibility buff removed.”

Purple Skill - Grid Power

  • New effect: “Quorra ignores the usual effects of Reflect. When Quorra attacks an enemy with Reflect, she instead causes all enemies to take 25% of the damage that would have been Reflected, plus X (determined by Skill Power) bonus Fantastic damage per damage instance.”

Red Skill - Disc Damage

  • Bonus Normal Crit and Fantastic Crit apply to enemies that are Sapped, Shielded, and Reflected
  • New effect: “Each time Quorra hits a Shielded or Reflected enemy, her attack speed is permanently increased by 30%, up to a maximum of 180%.”
  • New effect: “When Disc Ricochet removes an Invincibility effect from an enemy, they become Shattered for 10 seconds. Shattered enemies take 8% of their maximum HP as True damage each time they are hit by Fantastic damage. Damage over time effects only trigger this effect once per second. The Shatter has a chance to fail above level X.”

Disk #1 - EVE

  • Current Level Effect: Healing increased by 100%
  • Added Level Effect: Each hit of Disc Spin reduces enemy Armor and Reality by X for 8 seconds
  • Current Star Effect: Bonus Normal Crit and Fantastic Crit increased to 6 per star level
  • Added Star Effect: Quorra also gains 10 Crit Damage per star level

Disk #2 - Buzz Lightyear

  • Current Level Effect: Increased Skill Power by 425%
  • Current Star Effect: Unchanged
  • Added Star Effect: The Shield deals Fantastic damage to the enemy team equal to 20% of its Shield HP per star level when destroyed
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