Quorra 's disk isn't showing up in Coliseum or Arena


. She’s not getting any benefits from it either. What’s up?


Might you post a screencap for this? Make sure you hadn’t unequipped it for some reason.

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In the new update, u have to wait 20 hours to change ur team, this includes discs. However this glitches and it will not add the disc on its own.
You must manually remove Quorra and put her back in.

I noticed this glitch when my nick disc wasn’t on my Jack, so it isn’t specifically for Quorra


It also occurred elastigirl’s Jack Jack disk in an arena battle.


I know I’m late to the party, but this happened to me, too. It also occurred when preparing my defense for the next guild war.


I hope they fix this soon. Bossa’s Tia disc not showing either. I fixed it by doing what a guy said above. Took him out and re-added, then a 20 hr countdown appeared on right. Does that mean he still can’t use it? I’ve had the disc 3 days now.


No, it doesn’t if I’m understanding you correctly. The 20 hr timer is telling how long you have to wait before you can change your lineup again. That feature was added not too long ago.

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