Rabbit (Hundred Acre Woods)

With the rumour of Winnie the Pooh soon to be released, I decided to release my concept for Rabbit. Enjoy. :grin:

Hero: Rabbit.

Row: Front

Role: Support

Basic attack: runs into an enemy with his wheelbarrow.

Entrance: Runs in wheeling the wheelbarrow.

Victory: Picks up a carrot and smiles.

Defeat: The Wheelbarrow tips over, spilling all the vegetables in it, and Rabbit freaks out.

“Why am I doing here wasting my time!?”

Rabbit beats creeps with his trusty wheelbarrow, and delicious carrots.

White skill: Plant and Harvest.

Passive: Rabbit has two white skills that alter activating for the entire battle.

Active 1: Rabbit runs through the battlefield and plants his carrots, dealing X normal damage as he goes.

If a carrot is stepped on by an enemy, Rabbit deals Z normal damage to that enemy and stuns them for three seconds.

If the carrot is stepped on by an ally, they gain 100 energy.

Active 2: Rabbit runs through the battlefield and picks up all crops that have not been stepped on. As he runs he deals X normal damage to enemies.

Rabbit will gain 100 energy and heal for Y per crop he collects.

Green skill: Crop Protection.

Rabbit grabs a scarecrow and shoves it into the ground. All of his crops can be stepped on two times instead of just once.

The scarecrow has X max HP or lasts ten seconds.

Blue skill: Crop Rotation.

Rabbit alters between planting carrots and cabbages each time he activates his white skill. Whenever any unit steps on a cabbage, it summons five insects which rush the nearest enemy and deal X Fantastic damage.

Purple skill: Season’s timing.

Rabbit now activates his white skill at the beginning of each wave of combat.

These first vegetables deal X more damage and heal allies for Y when stepped on.


Rabbit/Judy Hopps: Carrot farmers.

Disk Power 1: Rabbit gains X armor.

Disk Power 2: Rabbits crops can take 1 extra hit before vanishing.

Disk Power 2: Rabbits Carrots stun enemies for 2 extra seconds.

(+2 seconds per star)

Rabbit/Stitch: Messy Monster.

Disk Power 1: Worms in the cabbages deal X more damage.

Disk Power 2: Carrots heal allies for 20% more, and give 50 more energy.

(+20% more healing per star, +50 energy per star)

And that concludes my Rabbit concept. I hope you enjoyed it, please let me know what you thought of it, or if you have any questions or comments. :grin:


I like it and I hope many Pooh characters come to the game!


You just like it cuz Rabbit is friends with Stitch :stuck_out_tongue:


That and I just love Winnie the[r] Pooh characters!


Nicely done very creative. They should add Pooh and friends,owl be cool.

Yes, of course

How abkut Wander over Younder Chacters

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Great concept he could be added…

Wait, it was “What am I doing here wasting my time?!”

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