Raid All Button (please rework)

Can we please get the raid all button removed, or at least get a confirmation when hitting it? It is in the same position as the Anti-virus button, and it easily hit by accident while clearing out infections. It’s placement and no conformation makes it seem like you want players to accidentally hit it and spend all their stamina. I know many games do this to force players into accidentally wasting their earned resources so that they have to buy more, and in every game it’s complained about. It’s a predatory practice. It’s unreasonable to say to players that they could waste 3000 stamina by accidentally touching the wrong part of the screen at the wrong time, in a game designed for grinding for precious resources.


Or just add a “clear all infected areas” button. That would be helpful.


I remember a contest gave those “clear viruses” items but I don’t think they’ve given those as a contest rewards for some time.

I think the antivirus button should be moved to the gap in between raid one and fight button