Raiding/Badges issue


I was raiding for badges to get my Olaf from O1 to O2 using free stamina items, when I had enough badges I taped the “promote” button and it said an error had occured, he wasn’t promoted, it seemed like hadn’t gotten the badges I had raided for in the last minutes but I didn’t get my stamina items back either.

I closed the app, reopened and seemed like I had a couple of stamina items back but not all of them and I still didn’t have some badges. Is there any way you could check that out so I can at least get the stamina items I spent back?



Your best bet is to submit a support ticket for this. If you don’t know how to do this, click on your Avatar in the bottom left corner of the home screen, then click Support, and follow the prompts from there.


Thank you so much! I shall do that.