Rapunzel in yellow crates?

I just bought a yellow crate deal to try for Rapunzel, but after opening most of them and not seeing her in wondering: is she EXCLUSIVELY in the diamond crate? Or will I get her in the yellow crates? @polaris ?


Use this item to open a crate containing Yellow Team Heroes, badges, or more! Excludes the same heroes as Diamond Crates, like Event Exclusive Heroes

She is also in the role and team crates.


Why is this in the team crates description?


It has the same content as the diamond crate, including exclusion, like the Event Exclusive heroes, sign-in hero, etc.


Then the description should that it includes those heroes

I am so confused right now

Then, Can we get Rapunzel from this crate?

If you are lucky yes.

I didnt have Rapunzel. But now I have Rapunzel 3 star!

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