Reasons Behind Friendships

There are reason why heroes are friends with characters from another franchise. And i would like to explain it to those who don’t know the reasons for it.

Mickey Mouse/Jack Skellington


Reason: Mickey and Jack are both loved by everyone that know them and are considered celebrities in and out of their universes. They also have a knack of getting into trouble despite being well-meaning wheither it’s created a twisted Christmas or just having a enchanted broom fetch water. They are rarely seen without their faithful dog companions: Pluto and Zero. But above all else, Mickey and Jack share creativity and optimism that is really contagious and are not afraid to do the right thing.

If there is anything i missed, just let me know.


Ummm… What about
Cheshire Cat-Hank&Dory
Oogie Boogie-Hook

yes that is true they are from different movies or tv shows but they are still loved

Why do you think i made this for? If i didn’t like it, i wouldn’t make this thread.

So…what about the ones I mentioned earlier

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Friendships is just a mechanism to force players to upgrade otherwise useless heroes.

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That’s not what i meant.

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i agree @Monster_Toon_IV that is not what he is talking about

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