Rebellion (a dhbm story)

Hello folks, it is I, captain toontasic bringing you a new story simply called rebellion

So I hope you all enjoy

episode 1:dancing angrily

it was night in a city inside the internet, creeps were running amok in the town and nobody was safe, luckily, heroes of all shapes and sizes helped out to defeat the creeps including atlantian princess kida and the hero group known as big hero 6 but they mysteriously disappeared so creeps infected any people they could

But two figures were running away from a group of creeps, a duck with a blue sailor suit and hat and a lovable looking goof was running away from becoming like their pal mickey mouse

“Donald!!! Why are we running again!!!” Goofy panically asked his friend “why do you think!!! There’s groups of death on our tail feathers!!” Donald angrily yelled at goofy “I don’t even have tail feathers” goofy said “it was a figure of speech!!” Donald said as he facepalmed.

goofy and donald was all of a sudden cornered in the front of a diner as creeps closed in with weapons ready to attack the duo, goofy began to panic as he held onto Donald, who was annoyed

“Will you get off of me yah goof” donald said as he pushed goofy off of him which caused goofy to accidentally step on donalds foot “YOUCH!!!” Donald said as he began to clutch his foot and hopped up and down, Donald’s face went red as he began to get angry.

The creeps looked at each other before one of them said, “that duck looks like he’s about to explode”, and that creep was right, donald exploded with rage and flew at the creeps, beating up and killing every single one of the creeps with punches and kicks.

when he was done, donald looked up at the diner and then heard some singing coming from the diner, goofy was not sure about walking into the ominous looking diner but Donald was not afraid and dragged goofy into the diner to go find the source of the singing

episode 2:dine and dash

donald and goofy went into the old diner to find out the source of the singing, as they walked into the kitchen they found two creeps sitting in beach chairs with popcorn and cola in their hands while they are watching a living candlestick singing and dancing and doing tricks

“The heck did we just walk in on??” Donald said in confusion “garwsh…I don’t know donald…but that candlestick looks like it needs help to get away from those creeps” goofy said nervously

donald and goofy attempted to sneak into the kitchen but goofy tripped and caused a huge commotion which got the creeps attention and made them run over to see what has happened

“Quack!!!” Donald rushed at the two creeps, punching kicking and biting them, but they sprayed Donald with soda which blinded him

the two creeps went to infect the duo but all of sudden, one of the creeps flew straight up while letting out a huge youch!!!, that was because the candlestick burned the creeps backside with his candle hands

“Gawrsh!!! It’s up to me!!!” Goofy swung both his arms at the second creep which knocked the creep out and the creep who got candle burnt came crashing down on top of the other creep.

“Quack!!! Let me at them!!! Let me at them!!!” Donald punched the air furiously as he tried to punch anything in his path but quickly calmed down “did…did we win” “yep donald…we won!!!” Goofy said with a smile

“Thank you my fine friends…If i would have stop performing I would have been infected for sure” the candlestick said “no problem mr…mr…”

“Oh how silly of me!!! My name is lumiere, the princes royal maître’d” lumiere bowed as he said these words “Gawrsh…my name is goofy and this mad lad you see here is Donald duck” donald shook lumieres candlestick hand “a pleasure to meet you both…hey maybe you two can help me find cogsworth and a blond long-haired girl”

goofy and Donald agreed and they all set off to find some more allies to aid in defeating the creeps

episode 3:alas there be pirates

it was dark and cold as the newly formed trio of goofy, donald and lumiere traversed through the remaining parts of the old diner including the backstage area where they found the exit.

“Finally!!! The exit out of this horrible place!!!” Donald said with pride “now let’s get out of here”

the trio went out of the diner but they couldn’t shake the feeling that they were not out of danger yet…and they were right as they ended up finding a trail of crystal dust

“Gawrsh…look guys…crystal dust” donald and lumiere looked down and saw that the crystal dust led to a dock yard “maybe we can find my boat in that dock yard over there” donald said,

donald and goofy walked towards the dockyard but didn’t noticed that lumiere was ambushed and infected by creeps. Goofy looked around the dock yard and eventually saw the source of the crystal dust…a woman turned into a crystal statue being taken away by the sky pirates

Donald decided to attack but goofy held him back and told him that they can do a ambush and free the woman without being outnumbered and so the two decided to come up with a plan

episode 4:out of the crystal

the plan was put into motion as the heroes snuck into the sky pirates lair to rescue the crystal princess

“CHARGE!!!” Donald rushed at the pirates and took a bunch of them out meanwhile goofy moonwalked and then dance fighted against the pirates.

the trio made their way towards the main area of the sky pirate hideout and when they reached the main area of the hideout, they found the princess trapped in crystal heavily guarded by pirate soldiers…donald and goofy tried to clear house but they were easily defeated but unknowning to them, the crystal that trapped the princess shattered and freed her

“There’s too many of them” the trio gulped at each other as they knew their fate…then all of a sudden, a spear went through one of the pirates chest, the princess had a spear and quickly cleared house with donald “let’s go…no time to waste”, “who are you” donald said

Kida was the princesses name and she was sent by higher officials to find and rescue heroes until she got ambushed and turned into a crystal statue

and so the heroes went off quickly to confront the villain behind all this and rescue the golden haired maiden and cogsworth

episode 5:unexpected remodeling

goofy, donald and kida went towards the castle of the king because kida had a suspicion that the castle was the source of all the creeps appearing. Donald was angrier than usual although that may be because he was stressed and goofy was nervous about going to the now creep infected castle but there was no going back now

“gawrsh…the last time me and donald saw the castle…creeps were running rampant through the hall’s” goofy gulped as he said those words “the castle is definitely gonna be dangerous if that is the case…but we have to stay determined” kida said in a calm tone.

as they got closer to the castle, kida had a serious look in his face as she was ready to face any enemies they may encounter on the way.but then they all stopped when they saw the castle from a few distances away…it was…different.

“Does The castle look different to you guys or am I seeing things” donald said in confusion “the castle definitely looks different then what I remember” kida replied, they continued on until they reached the castle itself…which was now turned into a resort for creeps.

the trio looked at each other as they did not expect the castle to be turned into a resort…but they were suspicious so they went into the resort to investigate…not knowing what danger awaits inside

episode 6: not what it seems

Kida stuck her spear through the door of the resort to make sure that nobody was on the otherside ready to ambush them, luckily there was nothing on the otherside so she, donald and goofy went inside and saw the whole place was decorated with flags and golden pillars with a huge fountain in the middle of the room with a small statue of yzma on the top of it

“Looks like yzma did some serious redecorating” goofy said “yzma must be the one who unleashed the creeps onto the city” kida said as she walked past the fountain into one of the new rooms of the resort where she proceeded to be separated from goofy and donald to investigate.

“Garwsh donald…do you think that the creeps in this resort will find us??” Donald glared at goofy “of course not idiot” donald said, the two kept on walking through each area of the resort until they finally reached what seems like a normal staff lounge…but donald was aware of what really is in the room…just as kida caught up with them while throwing a D.O.T goblin away.

“This was originally the lab of hiro harmada before yzma unleashed the creeps onto the castle…im pretty sure this is where yzma has set up her lab at” goofy gulped as he knew what would be beyond the door “lets go in and end this madness” kida and donald both went in while goofy stayed and kept a lookout for creeps.

20 minutes later and the two has not come back yet and goofy was getting nervous…but then all of a sudden, a blue Sheppards crook dragged goofy into another secret room as he yelled for help

episode 7: a group of rebels

Goofy was scared for his life as he got dragged in by the crook into a secret department underneath the resort but he didn’t know who or what would be waiting there for him down below but he landed with a thud onto the ground

“What were you doing wandering around the resort like that?!? You could have been infected or worse!!” Said a voice in the shadows “oh d-d-dear, is he alright” said another voice “goofy-looking fellow looks like he’s been through very dangerous things” another voice said “gawrsh! W-who’s there?! Are you trying to kill me?!” Goofy said with a confused and scared look on his face “what no!!..oh…let us come out of the darkness and introduce ourselves” out of the darkness came a yellow rabbit, a small pink piglet, a huge alien with four eyes, a one-eyed alien with green skin and a little red dragon “well garwsh…im sorry for being scared of you guys” goofy apologized “don’t apologize…I usually don’t scare anyone with my small size” the piglet said “you should have seen mulan when I did that intro thing when I first met her” mushu said proudly “hey you guys…quiet down and let’s introduce ourselves” the yellow rabbit said “ok…im jumba jookiba!! Former evil genius!!” “I’m pleakly, I’m a expert on earth.” Pleakly said while holding a poster of earth species “hey! How ya doin! I’m mushu baby!! Guardian dragon!!” Mushu said with pride “i-im piglet, I try to be brave in the face of danger…but its hard to be brave when your such a small animal” piglet said nervously “and I’m rabbit!! I’m smart enough to lead groups and solve some problems…and then I do a little gardening” rabbit says while munching a carrot “wow! Nice to meet you all!” Goofy said “thank you and thank you…but we are waiting right now” rabbit said “waiting for what?” Goofy asked “waiting for kida to get back!” Piglet said

All of a sudden, a passage way from the room beside the secret passage opened up and then a familiar spear poked out from it and stabbed softly at the air to make sure nothing was down there

“Kida? Is that you?” Rabbit asked, the spear froze and then went back into the passage way…then 5 minutes later, someone emerged from the passage…and it was kida and donald who were soaking wet “donald!! Kida!! Why are you two soaking wet?” Goofy asked “we accidentally fell into a pool while fighting some creeps…my feathers are soaked” donald grumbled “that’s not important right now! We have to find the secret lab and stop yzma” kida yelled “how do we find the lab?” Goofy asked “we’ll all go together and search the whole resort in secret…now let’s move out!” Kida said as she led the group out of the secret room and towards the lobby as they were about to search for a secret lab.

character section
Donald duck::anchor:(not infected)
Goofy::man_dancing:(not infected)
Kida::gem:(not infected)
Rabbit::rabbit:(not infected)
Piglet::broom:(not infected)
Jumba::alien:(not infected)
Pleakly::dress:(not infected)
Mushu::izakaya_lantern:(not infected)




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episode 5 has been released

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