Rebellion (a dhbm story)

Hello folks, it is I, captain toontasic bringing you a new story simply called rebellion

So I hope you all enjoy

chapter 1

episode 1:dancing angrily

it was night in a city inside the internet, creeps were running amok in the town and nobody was safe, luckily, heroes of all shapes and sizes helped out to defeat the creeps including atlantian princess kida and the hero group known as big hero 6 but they mysteriously disappeared so creeps infected any people they could

But two figures were running away from a group of creeps, a duck with a blue sailor suit and hat and a lovable looking goof was running away from becoming like their pal mickey mouse

“Donald!!! Why are we running again!!!” Goofy panically asked his friend “why do you think!!! There’s groups of death on our tail feathers!!” Donald angrily yelled at goofy “I don’t even have tail feathers” goofy said “it was a figure of speech!!” Donald said as he facepalmed.

goofy and donald was all of a sudden cornered in the front of a diner as creeps closed in with weapons ready to attack the duo, goofy began to panic as he held onto Donald, who was annoyed

“Will you get off of me yah goof” donald said as he pushed goofy off of him which caused goofy to accidentally step on donalds foot “YOUCH!!!” Donald said as he began to clutch his foot and hopped up and down, Donald’s face went red as he began to get angry.

The creeps looked at each other before one of them said, “that duck looks like he’s about to explode”, and that creep was right, donald exploded with rage and flew at the creeps, beating up and killing every single one of the creeps with punches and kicks.

when he was done, donald looked up at the diner and then heard some singing coming from the diner, goofy was not sure about walking into the ominous looking diner but Donald was not afraid and dragged goofy into the diner to go find the source of the singing

episode 2:dine and dash

donald and goofy went into the old diner to find out the source of the singing, as they walked into the kitchen they found two creeps sitting in beach chairs with popcorn and cola in their hands while they are watching a living candlestick singing and dancing and doing tricks

“The heck did we just walk in on??” Donald said in confusion “garwsh…I don’t know donald…but that candlestick looks like it needs help to get away from those creeps” goofy said nervously

donald and goofy attempted to sneak into the kitchen but goofy tripped and caused a huge commotion which got the creeps attention and made them run over to see what has happened

“Quack!!!” Donald rushed at the two creeps, punching kicking and biting them, but they sprayed Donald with soda which blinded him

the two creeps went to infect the duo but all of sudden, one of the creeps flew straight up while letting out a huge youch!!!, that was because the candlestick burned the creeps backside with his candle hands

“Gawrsh!!! It’s up to me!!!” Goofy swung both his arms at the second creep which knocked the creep out and the creep who got candle burnt came crashing down on top of the other creep.

“Quack!!! Let me at them!!! Let me at them!!!” Donald punched the air furiously as he tried to punch anything in his path but quickly calmed down “did…did we win” “yep donald…we won!!!” Goofy said with a smile

“Thank you my fine friends…If i would have stop performing I would have been infected for sure” the candlestick said “no problem mr…mr…”

“Oh how silly of me!!! My name is lumiere, the princes royal maître’d” lumiere bowed as he said these words “Gawrsh…my name is goofy and this mad lad you see here is Donald duck” donald shook lumieres candlestick hand “a pleasure to meet you both…hey maybe you two can help me find cogsworth and a blond long-haired girl”

goofy and Donald agreed and they all set off to find some more allies to aid in defeating the creeps

episode 3:alas there be pirates

Coming soon

character section
Donald duck::anchor:(not infected)
Goofy::man_dancing:(not infected)
Lumiere::candle:(not infected)



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