Recommended Mods Guide

added the D-tier Mr. Duck
Mr. Donald.

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Mad Hatter



Those are my suggestions

Godmother too please :slight_smile:

hi. can u please suggest which kind of mods should be apply on below heros🤝

slinky dog
sheriff of nottinghan
mr big

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Slinky dog I’d probably suggest 4 SP mods with all purple skills which allows him to get more reality and Armor for every hero having a shield.
Also, many people suggest to use 3 SP mods
( all purple ) with 1 HP mod ( starting sheild ) but that could be avoided by using him with shield giving heroes from start like Baymax

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How about Fear and Mr.Big?

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Fear needs 2 blue 2 speed imo

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Mr big plz

Sheriff of Nottingham?

Mods for Bunsen & Beaker?

All added.


Any good recommendation for The Beast?

Anna please :slightly_smiling_face:

Those 3 are pretty bad, I can recommend 4x Blue Skill for Davy tho.

Also a bad hero, I’d recommend any number of Blue Skill Mods and maybe Normal Crit ones.

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Thanks @The_Real_Numi :+1:

All right…. Tks

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How about mods for Jafar, Baymax, and Quorra?

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Mad Hatter 2 SP Blue Mod!!! But his blue skill is level based @Musketeer

Charms last longer against tenacity and lower chance to evade charms by evasion.

Little word of advice: NEVER put mods on level-based skills. It generally makes them really reductant.

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