Red Skill Chips From Elite Campaign Feedback

We would love to get everyone’s feedback to this event! Please post all your thoughts on this new event here!


I love it.
Definitely should be a permanent thing, helps to get these REALLY needed skill chips which as for are now extremely limited to get.


I love it and I agree with Musk that this should just be permanent tbh… instead of 3 chips I feel it should be maybe 10 per drop :thinking: Because even still with 10 per drop or doubled with bag at 20 that’s still not much considering the 9k chips you need to max a red skill


I don’t usually give compliments to Perblue, so when I say you guys really did a great job with this event, I truly mean it. Definitely something I hope you guys will make a regular occurrence.


I want to see more creativity like was done with this event.

Also, please, kill diamond crate discount event and double gold on Buy More Gold. Thanks. (But I guess others will give more examples of useless bonus events.)


I think it’s great and should be a permanent addition!

Also worth a mention, for everything that scales in the game (including hero chip costs for red skills), the hero chips themselves usually require 2-3 days of raid to go up one red level and as the costs for red skills increase it has gotten extremely slow to level them up.

So I think the hero chip drops should definitely be increased as well, but having the red skill chips definitely makes it more worthwhile!


I would say that you should get enough hero chips to raise a hero at least one level. So 17 per well… 10-15 raids? Also, Tron only has one campaign spot :frowning:


If it would be actually permanent, even 5 would be fine, of course, 10 would be even better, haha!

Agree, these two events are completely useless and just wasting space during long-time events as the anniversary.

It’s weird PB never made double/triple heist drops, would make that mode a bit more persuasive to use as it’s useless (and a waste of time).


Wait, confusion

Just one for old servers.

While Queen and Robin has only two spots for a long time as well.


There are more though. Arena/Coli bonus chances amongst some (why not just give F2P players more chances instead by default?), double CW gold (plethora in Surge, why not instead make Double Surge Day?)

Here is a possible event for Black Market and Mega Mart (though I´d like it more permanent):
All items for gold.

Or another: Enhancement Discount - badges take 25% less points to enhance.
Mode Shop Discount - Arena, Coliseum, Badge, Heist, Surge etc. shops have 25% discount.

Or… 10x drops on a selected badge bit - select a badge bit and for a day Elite and Normal Campaign spots include 10x as many of those bits…


Most characters have only one spot in new servers though.
To be fair, I´d like if all 19 stages in Normal Campaign were in Elite as well. And in both modes raidable.

Agree on this

Agree on this

Triple Hiest drop would be great for more disk power and Hiest coins. Would love if there was a Hiest weekend contest that dealt with coins earned, circles finished, bodyguards/ambushes your team of Hiesters cleared (Hiest really is the only part of the game enjoy at this time, I know unpopular opinion. But feel it’s the only mode can actually accomplish anything with and quick)


Disk Power…

I agree with others that Red Skill Chips should become a permeant feature of of the Elite Campaign :-).

On that though, it would be appreciated if the Hero Chips could be made to have a x2 drop rather than a x1 in order to balance the Hero Chip economy for low spenders and F2P :-).

While of course a x3 or x5 for Hero Chips would be better, but I understand if x2 is the most we can hope for.
Just x2 would likely get me to try and raid Elite more often :-).

Also, another thing I came to think of:
If there are starting to get small space in terms of how many characters there are in the game, why not open up the 2 middle spots for grinding? :-).They they should be in the data afterall, even if hidden after having been cleared.

It would help overall the Hero Chip grinding placing diversify as well as, more characters getting more grinding spots which would help the Hero Chip grind as well.


Amazing, really helpful also. Was a nice surprise this AM


This is an amazing event I love it, especially during a contest!

Great idea. Maybe permanent :wink:


Good event i think that instead of three give us 15

I want it permanent

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