Red Skill Rumble Event!

Red Skill Rumble!

We first introduced Red Skills in September 2019. With the upcoming 2.5 update all heroes will have red skills available to unlock! To celebrate the final old heroes getting their red skills, we want to find out which Red Skill is the community’s favorite. It doesn’t have to be the most powerful or the biggest game changer, but vote for the one you like the best!

There will be 2 phases of this event.

Phase 1 will begin on Monday, November 16. We’ll run an elimination game to narrow down the field a bit. Heroes are divided by role and there will be an elimination for each group resulting in 8 each. Polls will be posted at 2 PM CT each day, with voting ended at Noon CT the next day. There will be no new polls over the weekend.

Phase 2 will begin on Monday, November 30. This will be a classic elimination tournament with red skills facing off against each other with one being victorious.

We’ve compiled a list of all the red skills here for you to review.

Phase 1 Links:

Phase 2 Links:

Final vote!

The winner!


Even PB’s gotten in the trend :smirk:


Wow! Thanks Polaris!


Looking forward to this very much!


Can’t wait!


Nobody else wants to? It’s in the name!

Fine, I’ll do it!

I was triggered…



Wows nicee!

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Thanks for reminding me.

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Noice, there will be plenty of polls


I never understood the point of elimination games. In fact, i never understood them in the first place.


We thought doing a full tournament will all the heroes would take waaaay too long, so an elimination game is a good way to eliminate a lot of heroes fast so we can get down to the top picks.


Me either tbh, I sort of understand it here but generally I don’t see the point

Surely if people vote for a hero, and that hero doesn’t get eliminated, they are going to vote for the same hero again next round.

In theory wouldn’t you then end up with pretty much the exact same placements as you would if it was just a straight up “vote for your favourite” poll :man_shrugging:

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I have been Waiting for this

Looking over the polls I think people might have misunderstood what they were supposed to do. Your supposed to pick your LEAST favorite, so that they are eliminated…NOT your favorites. How else you explain the top 5-10 toons with the most votes I each category?

Because there is no way that Hades, Maximus, Mulan, Elsa, Cheshire, Ian, Kristoff and Animal (just to name a couple from each group) land in the top ten of their perspective groups if we are voting in the least favorite ones. At least not this early on. There are several more but I didn’t feel like listing them all, lol.

Hades I can see being up there, not because his red skill is weak but because it’s pretty much universally disliked by competitive Challenger players :stuck_out_tongue:

For the others, it’s worth remembering that we’re voting on their Red Skills specifically, not their ability as a whole - not saying that those listed have bad red skills at all, but there’s many strong heroes who do.

eg. I love Duke and he wins a lot of battles for me, but I voted for him because his red skill is dreadful :laughing:

(though yeah, probably a good bunch of people didn’t bother to read and voted their favourites)

It’s such a catch 20/20 with toons like Hades (you mentioned) and others. Is he annoying in Challenger? Yes, but only because I’m not the only one who gets to use him. Lol You love those toons in your own line but your hate going against them. It’s still one of the best red skills in the game. Its not necessarily the most powerful or the most game changing but it took an older toon that didnt have much use and made him useful again. I love it when that happens because it doesn’t very often. :smile:

A 30% buff on his strongest attack sounds decent, but having it being level-dependent is really bad. Though my “favorite” part of his red skill is the damage buff to Stunt Double. You know, the AoE skill where the AoE is about 9 pixels square. :roll_eyes:


this has to be a candidate for one of the worst skills in the game overall… Like, if Duke is in a 1v1, he can’t even hit the opponent with it :thinking:

Any red skill that’s main function is level dependent is useless for 90% of players.

well yes, but not because he’s threatening or strong. Just to abuse a bad points mechanic, lol. It does also make him somewhat useful in invasion, at least.


I would say people might have misunderstood the vote in a different way.

“Least favourite” some may have understood as “The most frustrating”. Hence why Kristoff ended up second in Support category, maybe.

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