Red Skill Rumble Tournament!

also, consider me incredibly impressed that over 220 people who’ve voted on this have Bunsen & Beakers red skill at a sufficient level to pass judgement on it :+1: there’s probably around 10 on my server :+1:

Or, you know, the hero showcase :eyes:

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more likely is that people are just voting on the heroes they consider the best, not the actual red skills


Exactly, Bunsen and Beaker´s red is literal trash and defeats the purpose of Gizmo disk.
I can reliably say the difference between Dash and Bunsen (if not more) was because of Bunsen´s purple, not red. AKA what you said.


Also, a second thought. I believe Phase 2 could have been two groups with like two or so being out at a time. Then the groups could renew (aka some could swap and some could stay) and then again, until we got eight heroes.

From there I´d make 1v1 personally. 32 heroes doing 1v1 is IMO a bit too much.


Day 2 of the red skill tournament!

Remember, in this phase, vote for your favorite red skill of each pair, with the winner moving on to the next round.

  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Pleakley

0 voters

  • Megara
  • Maximus

0 voters

  • Slinky Dog
  • Minnie Mouse

0 voters

  • Joy
  • Timon & Pumbaa

0 voters

  • Rapunzel
  • Davy Jones

0 voters

  • Queen of Hearts
  • Li Shang

0 voters

  • Captain Amelia
  • Bunsen & Beaker

0 voters

  • Animal
  • Kristoff & Sven

0 voters

Come back tomorrow to vote again!


Uh, why is it brown?

It makes it stand out more.


It used to be lime for a few seconds too :thinking:

And that was gross, so I changed it back.


Oh yeah, good call cause
this was not a pleasant color for my eyes to see lol.


I can’t believe Nick is out :((( I use Nick and Pooh but tbh, Pooh’s red skill is not that great, yet, for some reason, it beat Nick’s :frowning:

And why Pleakley’s still here??? His red skill is horrible…


Huh? It has no level restriction, it scales with skill power and allows him to pretty much use his active instantly. What part isn’t that great?

My thoughts

Nick out!? You all are crazy.

Disgust out? I guess.

Linguini? Ok.

Powerline out!? Shouldn’t have been against horse… this means war!

Sadness out? Finally.

EQ out!? All you who voted against her is insane!

Buzz out? Even more insane!

Jumba out? Fine.

Baloo out!? Against Rapunzel? Visible confusion

Darkwing out!? I will destroy all who voted him!

Colette out? Ok.

Herc out? Against Shang it’s acceptable.

Eeyore out? Fine.

Dash out?


Facilier out? Nope. Not happening.

LSB out? Against K&S? Time to die of scorpion stings!


And the greatest part of Nick’s red skill isn’t level dependent either.

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I didn’t say Nick’s was bad, I just said that Pooh’s wasn’t.

But Pooh’s is worse less better


But it’s not bad…

I didn’t say it was :eyes:

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And I didn’t say Nick’s was worse…

We’re just going in circles now

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