Red Skill Rumble Tournament!

Day 3 of the red skill tournament!

Remember, in this phase, vote for your favorite red skill of each pair, with the winner moving on to the next round.

  • Pleakley
  • Maximus

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  • Slinky Dog
  • Timon & Pumbaa

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  • Rapunzel
  • Li Shang

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  • Bunsen & Beaker
  • Kristoff & Sven

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Come back tomorrow to vote again!


WAIT WHAT? I thought Davy won over Rapunzel. :angry: Again a cardinal example of “rating the hero” vs “rating the red” of which the former happened.


Davy isn’t even a better hero than Rapunzel, either :laughing:

Same with Bunsen and Beaker :sweat:

They should have lost to Dash. But no. And now they beat Amelia, who has a good red skill which lets her self-regenerate energy to spam active


But the red skill :eyes:

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Exactly why I said that. Davy isn´t better hero than Rapunzel, but his Red Skill is much better than Rapunzel´s.

yeah, I meant to agree but misread it :smile:

Anyway, time to say bye to Timon.
Slinky owns way better red skill. :heart:

Receiving a shield and stealing reality over Hakuna Matata regenerating when stolen for X seconds per buff? You know what it does, right? RIGHT?

(Let me be tickled. Please.)

Yeah, I don’t want sacrifice all hardy stacks and other buffs just for Hakuna Matata.

Stealing permanently reality and spam of shields is much better, and the shields can have up to 10M HP, 16M HP with Violet. And each shield grants allies 750k reality as well, plus BD with Shang.

Violet… People still use her at R15?:joy:

You would be surprised


Typical “it is useless for me so it must be useless for you” attitude. Well, bad, it complies the team I use. Strategies, remember.

Yeah, and Timon does nothing more than sacrifice others’ buffs for his own.
Great strategy.

After all it´s a game and experimenting. :slight_smile: I do mine, you do yours.

@Polaris, Pleakley and Winnie have the same amount of vote! So why did you guys delete Winnie from today vote??? Which makes Pleakley win??? We need an explaination!

RNG :eyes:

Vote for Max instead of Pleakley



The polls automatically sort the one with the most votes to the top of the list. So, Pleakley won because he was at the top of the list. Even though it was a tie, he had more votes at some point.


I thought it went alphabetically :thinking:


Yay, everyone who I’ve voted won.
Go Slinky!

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