Red skills and hero chips

Since there’s only a select number of heroes with available red skills, I’d like to petition that they be re-introduced to the many shops.

For some, the extra chips have been sunk into upgrading mods, because that’s the direction the game headed for spending surplus. Now there’s a massive requirement of these chips to unlock a new skill, with few resources to gain said chips.

For myself, it’s Zurg. I spent a lot of hero chips to get all his mods to a high upgrade level, and now have 5 Zurg chips. Suddenly I need 200, with no reliable source of attaining them. Yes I could raid elites and reset and make no progress on anything else. Yes I could open thousands of diamond chests and maybe get a handful (the pool is too big now).

But the ability to buy 5 at a time from a shop? That’s a solid, proven method. Shop currency tends to stack up due to the minimal changes in availability, and this would likely give people a reason to start spending.

I have literally just had this idea as I read your post so it may be awful (I really have had no time to think it through). And I apologise if this pulls things off topic a little, although I think my idea and your problem are linked, of not entirely related.

What if the diamond crates were changed ever so slightly to make up for the huge pool of characters now available? My thought is that when you open a crate you are given an option of red/blue/yellow before the crate opens. All the drop rates would remain the same as they are now but if you get hero chips (or a full hero) it will definitely be for a character on the invasion/trials team that matches the colour you chose.
This won’t completely remove the low odds of getting chips for a character you want but would improve the odds without breaking the economy as the overall drop rate remains the same.

I’d love people’s thoughts. If it is a terrible idea let me know (politely please). Like I said, I’m writing it as I’m thinking it.
If it’s a good idea, maybe we can get it in the game.

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Anything that could improve your chances is a good idea, and to add to this, selecting red/yellow/blue could even be used to alter what potential badge bits you get based on the Trials pool.

I’d like to see a way, potentially as part of the diamond chest leveling up system (which for many has been maxed out for a long time), to improve hero chip pulls. Some areas worth investing in could be:

  • increase hero chip amounts by +1 (per level added)
  • increase chance to get chips from X collection by X% (this could be an unlockable toggle option for each collection category)
  • increase chance to get chips for hero’s below 6 stars

I’m sure there’s more that could be thought out here, this is just what came to mind after reading your suggestion.

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