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We’d like to hear constructive feedback on Red Skills. Your impressions and experiences with the changes to City Watch, the usefulness of the skills, and how they’ve changed your game experience (if at all). We have noted the feedback on the costs to unlock and level up the skills. We’d like to hear more about Red Skills from our server 1 players!


I for one don’t like it. CW is hard enough. The chip rewards are meager. And after all the resources to get a toon to R0, I have to now put in weeks more work to get a skill?? Its ridiculous. Give us the red skill for hitting red level and level it up with gold like every other skill, or just do away with it entirely.


AWFUL!!! I hate it! It takes wayyy too long to build up enough chips to unlock it, let alone upgrade the skill. I think red skills are a great idea but should be upgraded via gold like the rest of the skills. Making us play CW for coins and keys eliminates any chance of us playing other difficulties for challenges and/or collections when needed. We won’t be able to afford to waste a day or a raid when needing to complete the Epic CW for barely any chips. Thank you!


In all honesty, and it’s going to sound negative, I’m indifferent. I have two main critiques, which I’ll preface by saying I came from Dragon Souls.

  1. It’s a grind. Not only do you need a whopping 125 skill chips, which will likely take a very long time to farm, you also need 200 hero chips to unlock. Now, I have heroes with well over 500 extra, but they either aren’t eligible for a red skill yet, or they’re so outdated that they aren’t useful anymore. Then there’s Zurg. My hero of choice. He’s eligible, and I use him regularly. Which is the problem. A while back, mods were introduced as a way to utilize those excess hero chips, so I did. Now Zurg has very powerful mods, at the expense of those hero chips. But I need those back to unlock his red skill! And there’s no reliable way (except elite farming) to acquire 200 chips. So, ultimately, I have lost interest in trying already.

  2. It’s boring. Complete a harder city watch, and hoard chips until you have enough. Yawn. This is where the Dragon Souls comparison comes in. Unlocking the legendary skills there meant something and had flavor. Each hero had a different requirement, a series of tasks or accomplishments to undertake. Some were easy, open 100 chests. Some were difficult, beat X with Y 3 days in a row. But they were all unique and, dare I say, fun.

Normally I’d add in a “Here’s what I do like” but I simply don’t have one. It’s going to be a very long time before I unlock one of these, and so I can’t even weigh in on how they feel, are they powerful, was it worth it, etc.


Either ditch the requirement of RED chips & the new City Watch difficulty or make a new game mode for collecting them. Also some RED skills are pretty lame like a damage boost for one or two skills.


My highest hero is like orange two. So I can’t even participate.


I don’t play on server 1, but this comment sums up exactly what I thought when they were announced, and I’m not surprised to see it hold true in practice.

Hopefully there can be some changes for the better, because there’s no way I would’ve been happy releasing them in the current state :stuck_out_tongue:


Further boring farming which just follow to deeper unbalance between heroes (giving 5th skill to already broken heroes).
Cost for unlocking red skill is too big for F2P’s, unbalance between players, bigger chaos.

Nobody was asking for it, but here we go, we got this, why?
We keep receiving new stuff which later is forgotten, or updated very rarely; hero refresh, costumes and contests (it’s just circle of repeating contests). Doing this with red skills will be very painful, since OLD heroes NOW needs this very quickly (AND then other heroes), if you start with it, then finish it.

Overall: Bad


It’s just too much of a grind per hero.

Consider that on a single hero you need 6 badges per badge level, for 21 badge levels, the xp to get them to cap, millions of gold to get their skills up to cap level, hundreds of chips to get them to 6*, level a second hero up to unlock friendship, do days of friendship dailies and campaign, do weeks of friendship missions, buy memories, spend chips on memory missions, collect mods from invasion, spend chips to advance the mods, spend mod power to level the mods, upgrade the mods.

Now you’ll also have to grind city watch and farm MORE chips to get red skills which are powerful and Stat heavy, then grind more to level those red skills with each cap raise.

Meanwhile your old heroes become obselete as new heroes are increasingly powerful, and all of that investment means little to nothing.

The only way red skills will work is if they are more accessible to everyone, and if cap raises are greatly slowed. No one can stay competitive with monthly cap raises and character rollouts except those who spend their entire lives and a big chunk of money to play.


I was excited about red skills, but after i see how much chips you need to unlock, and after you give us Flynn and i see that you need chips to level up the skill as well, i hated it, i don’t want the basic “reach red and level up with gold” but i don’t want THAT too, i think you guys lost the opportunity to do something cool and different like Jackal403 say it was on Dragon Souls, but it just more things to farm without any fun.


I don’t be play on Server one. But I have an old account on it. Sometimes I go in there to chat and many people don’t really like red skills.


Red skills would be better received if I didn’t have to grind a separate city watch for keys so I could grind the red skills themselves

The randomness of who you get chips for is also bad. Let me target a hero if I want certain chips first. I’d like 15 chips versus 3, but don’t appreciate getting 15 zurg chips because I’m using all red skill heroes

Too much rng and the same old grind. Not fun, but few of the game modes have been recently


I’ve said it before an I’ll say it again

  • Decrease Red Skill Unlock costs
  • Make red skills more achievable by F2P players
  • And maybe not send compensation for red skills to F2P players, because it ends up being an insult to injury

I was keen as mustard to get Kevin up to red used all my spare stamina and double drops thought requirement was to have him at six stars got him there to realise it 200 Kevin tokens and I can collect approx 3 a day with out burning through all my diamonds which is roughly 70 days so I can’t help you on telling you my thoughts yet


If this feedback is actually listened to, hallelujah.

We all despise it. It’s just another feature that’s only available to the big spenders. Very, very few have the necessary resources to invest in Red Skills if they don’t spend adequate cash on offers and deals. Everyone being given a free bucketload of Red Skill resources was almost insulting.


For server 1 people: do you feel you have to spend money to be able to get and/or level up red skills?



These extra words make it 10 characters


I guess this one of the rare occasions when the entire community agrees on something unanimously. I kinda expected these reactions as well. I really hope Perblue will actually do something with this feedback.


The good : the skill in and of itself is interesting and could likely lead to more interesting match-ups in the future.

The bad : way too much of a grind for them, both in terms of hero chip and skill chip, and the stat buff which shouldn’t be a thing.


I for one actually kind of like them it’s a challenge and red represents the blood and heart it takes to get to your goal!

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