Red Skills or Mods

Hey all! I’m just looking for an opinion on something. What should I focus my hero chips more on? Should I focus on the Red Skills or should I focus on those Mods?

Thanks in advance and have an awesome day! :+1:

Red skills obviously.

You can use (weak) heroes you don’t use and use their hero chips to upgrade mods and then move them to heroes you want, instead of paying 1000 chips you only pay 100.

And mods only need to be upgraded to +6, further on is pointless.


Max stars > unlock red skill > mods > max red skill

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For most it’s better to unlock red skill asap, then continue to 6*

This is how I usually do it, with Hatter being a rare exception

True, but at this point, new heroes are letting us get 6 stars immediately with the prize wall. For coli and arena heroes, I unlock the hero, do the first red skill, then continue on to unlock stars.

Actually you only need to advance mods to +4 as it is the last lv needed to max upgrade mods.

I always stop at mods +4. Higher than that is just waste of hero chips

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Yeah was about to ask the same. Is there anything special happening on +6? I also only upgrade them to +4 (for now)

+4 only as others said…

+6 only if PB releases those 5th and 6th upgrades :smirk:

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