Red skills will never be maxed for thousands of players

With every month cap level up and with only 1 city watch reset and with random dropping red skills…
How can we max our heroes red skills?

@Polaris it’s a real problem we face

The cost to get 1 red skill even becomes higher every level cap

Please find us a solution by increasing city watch resets, increase number of red skill drops , remove random drops…


They would tell you it’s never meant to be maxed, but what I find annoying personally is the amount of keys needed just to start it and with my available characters can’t get past wave three most of the time. Not saying no to a challenge, but should be at least doable. My recommendations would be as follows for cw.

  1. Get rid of the key system and just let the players do the mode.
  2. Add an extra two slots so the spinner has five toons can earn instead of three (since there are so many toons to choose from as is and why only three when a complete team made up of five toons). Though with the caviat… if you hire a merc the last spin automatically the merc hero and both you and the person you hired from gets the red skill chips.
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Well, @M_BraveHeart_K, this also involves strategy. Trial and error for the best result and if u are dying to get skill chips, try to keep using the hero as much as u can as the probability of drawing that hero’s skill chips is increased. The amount of skill chips given can reach a max of 35 per drop for a full team of skill chips. (It may vary for other players) But @M_BraveHeart_K, did u know that Challenger (both Arena and Coliseum) can offer city watch resets? U can get one if u get at least one silver box.

I also agree @Captain_C, maybe they should give more chances for skill chips.

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This can be exploited

No, it involves luck and resources :man_facepalming:

Do you know difficult challengers can be?


I can see that. Well, maybe I also should mention that I suggest adding city watch reset items in weekly quest so we can do city watch more than once a day other than adding city watch max resets.

This wouldn’t be a big problem if not for the fact that most red skills say “the useful part of this skill always fails unless this skill is maxed out”.

Okay, okay, it says “has a chance to fail,” but that’s effectively the same thing, right?

If they just took that off of the red skills, then it would be fine to not have them maxed. Whales would still want to try to max them out anyway because every tiny bit of power is still important to them and the red skills do continue to give small bonuses as you improve them.

To me, this is the only reasonable solution to the problem. They’re unlikely to make red skills easier to get because the whole point is that they’re hard so whales have something to continue to work on.


At the moment it is quite simple, the higher the level the more Pay to Win is this mechanic here.
And nobody can say otherwise. There are simply too many red boxes for this

So we need:
• More City watch resets per day
• No random drops
• More drops per one hero than 35
• 5 heroes to receive drops

@Polaris thank you


We would like to hear from @Polaris or game Managers

I don’t actually think the skill chip availability needs to be hugely increased. Maybe like 10 instead of 7 per hero per battle would be nice, but I think that would be enough.

The biggest problem I’ve found as an active f2p player is, by far, hero chips. Diamond Crates aren’t nearly as available as they once were without spending (remember the period we’d get hundreds & thousands in events or contest rewards?!), and 3* heroes are a thing of the past, thus amassing a large amount of excess hero chips for 15 specific heroes - a coli roster - is very difficult. Not to mention that they need to be used for mods too, and also memories for disks.

If the skill chip reward was increased from 7 to 10 and an additional method of acquiring hero chips was introduced, it would be significantly easier to progress red skills.

I’ve always said that the mechanic of “has a chance to fail above X level” has no place in these skills because of their difficulty to level up, but that doesn’t seem to ever be changing :frowning_face:


100% agree with this. Sadly, I think PerBlue has decided to increase the supply of red skill chips mostly through crates and deals, with a little bit of help from contests and the Black Market; this is probably helpful for whales, but of only minimal use to F2P and low spenders.

I certainly don’t expect to be able to max red skills for my entire roster, or even for all the heroes I use in War/Coli attacks, but it would be nice to be able to have about a dozen maxed at a time, with the ability to level up a new hero’s red skill every couple of months or so. That doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.


I heard Fifa by EA got sued over gambling. this is kinda the same thing. you can’t level heros without stamina, so they make you buy it. you can’t get many red skill chips, so they make you buy it. you can’t get many hero chips, so they make you buy it. you can’t get many badges to level heros, so they make you buy them in crates this has to go against the gambling and wagering laws in USA. we could probably sue them. @Polaris can we talk about how everything is pay to win to get ahead in game? or are we not ready for that conversation.

As with many things here, this too is getting totally out of hand.
If the developers don’t finally wake up, many players will leave the game. The gap to the top players is too big.
And the gap is already more of a mountain…


You as developer should finally do a better job, but sorry, you are adding more and more bugs. The only thing that always works at the first go is that everything becomes more and more expensive…

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