Redundant contest ideas

When I started playing DHBM in April 2018 contests used to have a variation. There were City Watch contests, Friend Stamina contests, Surge contests, Arena and so forth.
Lately as in the last 5-6 months spending diamonds and stamina contests in rotation with guild contests which are basically the same concept under different premises seems to be the only kind. I started playing S16 in February 2019 and not one friends stamina spending contest happened.
What’s to expect in the future? Only diamonds/stam spending contests? No mid week contests anymore? This is really sad because it’s repetitive and boring and doesn’t require real game skills. I’d really like to see it changed.


Ikr. Screw Fortify the network contests


I don’t know which server you are on but your points are better in my server 12 :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I mean, look at this :frowning:

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And we haven’t had a contest that requires to use specific heroes in AGES. Those are fun, although could use other modes like Invasion too, imo, besides CW/Surge.


The contest rotation is currently as follows:
Guild Contest (Badge Bit collector) -> Solo Contest (Random) -> Solo Contest (FTN) -> Guild Contest (Guild Coins/Gold/Influence) -> Solo Contest (FTN) -> Solo Contest (Random) -> repeat

I’m ok with this as personally I find the guild contests very fun, I only hope the prizes improve as earning what is essentially a badge buster for 4.99 as a prize is very lackluster. I’d like to see a return to more resources for prizes.

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Don’t get me wrong, guild contests are the best what happened to contests lately. Only the repetitive sort of tasks is what I don’t like about it. Guild contests should stay in the rotation without a doubt but should been filled with other contest tasks.