Remember me!


“That…was a lie. I apologize for that.”

2 star, backline control

Trial team:yellow


Entrance:he comes in with his guitar in his hands

Victory:he gives two thumbs up and smiles

Defeat:he sits down and frowns

Basic attack:see passive


White:hold you in my heart

Passive:marigolds trail behind all enemies at the start of each wave, instead of a basic attack, héctor strums his guitar which decreases enemies attack power each time he strums

Active:hector plays a chord on his guitar which damages enemies for x amount and blinds them for 7 seconds

Green:mischievous yet charming

Hector flashes a smile at his enemies which charms the closest enemy for 5 seconds.

Blue:sad guitar

“Hold you in my heart” now deals more damage to enemies who are already blinded.

Purple:stolen legacy

Hector now heals allies at the start of each wave and increases their attack power for 5 seconds

Red:papa héctor

Hector’s basic attack now decreases enemies armor when they are blinded by him or any of his allies.


Skeleton cannonball
more powerful charm

“Mischievous yet charming” now increases the effected enemy’s attack power and speed until the charm wears off.

The charm also now lasts 2 seconds longer.

Hector/dr facilier
Shadow song
faster when threatened

Héctor’s attack speed now increases slowly when he is under 30% of his max health

That’ll work.

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