Remove cooldown on Badge Booster crate perk

Everyone must have known by now that we can use badge booster crate to get the badges we want by equipping every other hero with all the 6 badges at any rank. However It cannot give the most recent rarity badges so it’s useless for whales. It is very helpful for non-whales. If there was no cooldown on this consumable perk it would be great. @Polaris


I think having no cooldown on the Badge Booster Crate perk would unbalance the game economy too much, or at least the perk would have to be made a lot more expensive to balance it out.

Though I do think like from 7 days to 3/4 days cooldown could be an idea that PerBlue could agree on, if really generous maybe 24 hours cooldown as in about 6-7 badges a week which is enough for a full character :-).


That is if you’re lucky :grimacing:

Ah, I mean that you get the amount of badges that equals a fully badged character, not that you would necessarily get 6 badges for the same character :-).

6-7 badges would still be really good either way.

I’m fine with 1 day cooldown rather than 7 days:-)


Wouldn’t be bad yeah it the cooldown for the Badge Booster Crate got decreased in some way yeah :-).

No, and you need to collect influence, so anyway it will be one or two crates per day.

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This is too much. Firstly, if this perk has no cool down, it might as well be everything has no cool down. Cause no one would buy something and then you’d have to wait. Plus, you need effort to get guild influence. Everything takes effort. If u accidentally pressed that perk that had no cool down, you need to spent effort again trying to achieve something that could be claimed easily after the resources are there.

??? What a nonsense is here?

Of course leaders are careful with buying perks.
And what you want to say about guild crate with no cooldown…


That night be true, but overall I least think there could be a hard cooldown period lasting 24 hours at least for the game balance sake, but I think every 3-4 days might be more realistic to ask for.

That said though, I wouldn’t mind a really easy way to get Badge Booster Creates :-).

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This is more realistic.

It should have no cooldown and 700k influence same as the guild crate perk

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