Reporting Cheaters?

How to report Cheaters? My full L2, lvl 75 squad was beaten multiple times by a Russian guy who is just lvl 40 and only has 1 B2 and 3 B1 characters. Pretty obvious cheating.

And what lineups were you and him using? You may just be using a really bad team.

@Atum3007 hi and welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry to say it but this probably isn’t cheating. There would not really be any way (or point) of cheating like this. People have cheated in the past to do things like obtain more diamonds or stamina which allows them to unfairly make their teams stronger but in an actual fight there really isn’t anything that can be done.

The most likely scenario is that your team is more powerful than the other person’s but doesn’t have the synergy that theirs does. Or it could be that your characters are higher level and rarity but your skills are not at maximum level, where theirs are.

Perhaps of you post a screenshot of your team and the one that is beating you, we could help you work out what is going wrong.


Yeah, just because they’re lower level doesn’t mean they have to lose to you. If a team has better synergy then they can easily beat a stronger team

I think it’s hard to determine if it’s cheating I’m level 81 and I’ve beaten teams level 100+ that are 30k more power than me mainly because of duke caboom he’s a beast. I do actually worry people may report me for beating multiple times but I can’t help if the game lets me win.

Good point aswell it would be pointless cheating like this I’ve found although I can win on offence easily I get beat easily in defence, so maybe you also get a boost as an attacking team.

Not necessarily true - there have been screenshots posted on the forums a few times of very obvious shenanigan results.

But yeah, impossible to to give much insight without such a screenshot :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the response so far.

I’m using Rafiki, Woody, Bogo, Goofy and Ducky+Bunny on Defense. When I attack someone I switch Duke Caboom for Rafiki. They are all maxed out L2 + abilities.

The Russian used
Bo pep (B2), Hercules (B2), Yax (B1), Frozone (B2) and
Jack skellington (B1) all at lvl 43

When I attack him, ijust used bunny ducky plus Bogo and they annihilated his team, just these two. How can they beat my full team on Defense?