Returning to Standard Time, November 1

Daylight Savings time is ending in portions of the US on Sunday, November 1 at 2 AM CT and we will be moving clocks back 1 hour. While this should have minimal impact on the game, you may experience a time shift in some game modes.



What do you mean, MasterZ?

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You’ve never heard of Daylight Savings Time? It’s when clocks shift one hour ahead.


Ohhh. That’s the clue.

What are you even talking about?!


So in the UK we have already gone back 1 hour so for example our war used to start at 5pm but now starts at

So does this mean we get put back a further hour so war will now start at 3pm ?

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No it will mean time goes back to normal at 5pm . It is just the us clocks go back a week later than uk and europe

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Ummm regarding daylight saving I thought we would get new shop rotations today

No… we’re getting the info of rotations on Friday

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Ok thanks 10

It’s hard to believe this year is soon ending already.

Despite the mess that has been going on, I feel like we’ve managed to have pulled through it together and that makes me happy. :slightly_smiling_face:

I know it’s irrelevant from what the post’s about, but I just had to say what was on my mind concerning the time changing happening soon.

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In the summer, the clocks go forward an hour and in the fall the clocks go back an hour. So in spring we “loose” An hour and in the fall we “gain” An hour

Kinda funny we got them today

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I know lol :joy:

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So I have to move my clock back on Halloween night

Portions of the us not all ET is think is east America but idk I think CT is Central America

In Europe the clock have already changed so that is why there is some confusion and not all of the United States participates in daylight savings time either

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My country from Asian not change the time such as Malaysia GMT +8.


@Polaris does it will effect deals price as well? As I am seeing prices higher that normal for every deal.

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The server clock will change, which is why you may see some times shift an hour.

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