"Right where I want you!" | FE3H Concept Series #5 - Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd

Hey everyone! To celebrate Fire Emblem: 3 Houses’ 2-year anniversary, here’s my concept for the last (but certainly not least) remaining house leader of the game!

Source: Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Description: Leader of the Blue Lions house, ready to use his mighty strength to aid his allies.

Quote: “Let’s see you dodge this!”

Role: Damage

Position: Front

Stars: :star: :star:

Trial Team: Blue

Entrance: Dimitri walks onto the battlefield, lance in hand.

Victory: Dimitri spins his lance around above his head and poses.

Defeat: Kneels and plants his lance in the ground.

Basic attack: Dimitri stabs in front of him with his lance.

White - Noble Lance (Normal Damage)
Dimitri strikes at enemies in front of him 3 times, dealing X damage with each hit. If Dimitri is above 50% of his HP, he strikes 6 times instead.

Green - Glowing Ember (Fantastic Damage)
Dimitri swings at nearby enemies, dealing X damage plus 30% of his armor as bonus damage.

Blue - Wave Attack (Fantastic Damage)
Dimitri sends a rush of soldiers across the battlefield, dealing X damage to all enemies. This skill does 40% more damage to any enemies with an Armor or Reality buff.

Purple - Atrocity
“Noble Lance” and “Glowing Ember” do 50% more damage. This has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Red - Crest of Blaiddyd
Every 4 basic attacks deals 100% more damage. When this effect triggers, the cooldown for “Glowing Ember” is reset. This has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.
While Dimitri is above 75% HP, he has a 40% chance to dodge basic attacks and gains 75 Energy whenever he dodges an attack. The chance to dodge is reduced against enemies above level X.
+X Max HP
+X Basic Damage
+X Damage per hit with “Noble Lance”

Campaign: “Going Under(world)” - When Dimitri learns of Hades’ position as ruler of the Underworld, he finds himself haunted by past memories. (Allies: Davy Jones, Oogie Boogie, Dr. Facilier)

Disk: “That’s The Spirit” - Do More Damage At Low HP
+X Skill Power
Dimitri does 0.4% more damage (+0.4% per star) for every 1% HP he is missing.

Dimitri/The Beast
Campaign: “Unmatched Strength” - Dimitri and The Beast discuss both their positions as royalty and their insane strength while sparring. (Allies: Goliath, Mr. Incredible, Li Shang)

Disk: “King of Beasts” - Become Berserk At Low HP
+X Armor
+X Basic Damage to allies
Once per wave, when Dimitri falls below 50% HP, he becomes Berserk for 4 seconds (+1 second per star).

Alternate Costume: Post-Timeskip Outfit


  • Noble Lance is pre-timeskip Dimitri’s personal weapon in FEH that grants him a follow-up attack when both he and his foe are at max HP or when both he and his foe are below max HP (simplified to the extra hits when above 50% HP).
  • Glowing Ember is a Combat Art in 3 Houses that does bonus damage based on his Def (or in this case, Armor).
  • Wave Attack is Dimitri’s personal Gambit in 3H that has a wide range (hence hitting all enemies) and does effective damage to armored units (hence the bonus damage to enemies with Armor and Reality buffs).
  • Atrocity is Dimitri’s exclusive Combat Art that deals effective damage to all enemies. Since that would obviously be a bit too strong in this game, I simplified it down to being damage boosts for his White and Green skills.
  • Dimitri has the Crest of Blaiddyd in 3H, which has a chance of increasing the damage dealt with attacks (hence the extra damage every few basic attacks). However, since it also reduces the amount of times you can use Areadbhar (Dimitri’s personal lance in 3H) after using it, I also added the condition of resetting the cooldown for his Green Skill.
  • Dimitri has a personal skill in 3H called “Royal Lineage” which, after the timeskip, grants him a boost to his Avoid stat while he is at max HP (hence the chance to dodge at high HP).



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